Top most 3 sightseeing bus routes in London

Planning to visit the English capital? Well there are several ways of enjoying every bit of the London trip. Amid the eccentric surrounding, there lies a city which is eminent at letting vacationers enjoy their leisure moments in the most thoughtful way. The English capital has got all of it what it would take to make you feel thoroughly captivated throughout the time.

The city of London appears to be extremely expensive which is why things tend to get difficult for many people who plan to enjoy a fabulous London break. If you are well determined to explore and enjoy the best of the holiday moments in the capital city then you can be well assured to have it your way. This city is known for being the ultimate holiday destination which will further help you spruce up the spirit of your vacation in the most desirable manner. The capital city of England has got all of it that it would take to electrify every bit of your leisure moments. The British capital encompasses a large plethora of sightseeing attractions which .

London Buses

There are more than 700 public transport bus routes available in the city of London. Some of them pass through the major landmarks of this city. Since summer, the buses in London no longer accept cash fares and this is why you should purchase the Oyster Card. This is the smart travel card that will further help you in enjoying greater benefits. You can use the Oyster Card while availing the London Underground as well. This is something that will further help you in enjoying greater benefits. London is undoubtedly an expensive city to travel to and the more you take control of your travel expenses the greater will it become.

The best way to enjoying a happening trip in the city of London is by means of hopping on the London buses. With our visitor Oyster Card, it will cost you not more than £.1.50 per ride.

Stay over at the Park Grand London that will put you close to most of the sightseeing attractions in London. Listed below are three bus routes that are perfect for enjoying a stress-free sightseeing trip ahead in one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is all about ensuring how conveniently you can look ahead to enjoy the trip. This is something that will further help you enjoy every bit of the vacation in the most amazing manner. Listed below are some of the mostly availed bus routes which will help you I enjoying a happening trip ahead.

•    Route 24: Pimlico to Hampstead Heath- Take the 24 bus right from Victoria. This is where it passes Westminster Cathedral and then smoothly take the route to the famous Westminster Abbey. It turns down Whitehall while passing Downing Street. This is where the Prime Minister stays. You will have to take this route before visiting the ever so bustling area of Trafalgar Square. Then you can check out the famous Nelson’s Column along with its popular lion statues.
The bus 24 will then take you right through the interesting fringes of the historically enriched theatre district of the English capital. Then it will take the Denmark Street where you can explore the music shops.

As you delve deeper into this exciting territory, you will start exploring the Camden Town. It is basically popular for its extravagant musical scene and street markets. As you hop off in this place, it will get easier for you to find all the things which are for sale. Check out the market places that are eminent at selling books, antiques, vintage clothing and street food along with a wide array of souvenirs.

This route further ends right at Hampstead Heath. This is where you can find the green park where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Check out panoramic views of the English capital from here and this will further help you to enjoy a great sightseeing tour.

•    Route 11: Fulham to Liverpool Street- Route 11 takes the King’s Road in Chelsea. Visit the travel worthy streets in the Belgravia region while passing the famous Westminster Cathedral. For anyone who is planning for a comfortable trip in the streets of London city, it is better to hop on these bus routes which will further help you in enjoying a blissful vacation ahead. You get to check out the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament all in quick succession. Heathrow hotel offers a whole lot of facilities to the visitors. You can choose to stay at one of the Heathrow hotels for the purpose of ensuring a happening stay ahead.

As you turn onto Whitehall, this will further make your way to Trafalgar Square. This bus route 11 continues along the great Strand. It passes through the Royal Courts of Justice before turning down Fleet Street and then reaches the financial district of the English capital. This is what is known as the Square Mile.You can look out for the Strand Tube Station which has become the sets for several popular films.

•    Route 9: Aldwych to Hammersmith- It is one of the oldest bus routes in the city of London and it passes through many affluent areas in the British capital. It is located closer to the cultural hub of Somerset House and lets the commuters take a look of the Trafalgar Square. As you start travelling down Piccadilly, You get to spot the leafy Green Park and many other popular attractions alongside Knightsbridge. While passing through Knightsbridge which is home to the department store Harrods, this route passes the Royal Albert Hall and the Kensington Gardens. This is where you can spot the Kensington Palace which was once the home of Princess Diana. Then it will be on to the Kensington High Street. It is one of the most popular shopping streets in London city.

These are some of the mostly availed three bus routes in London which will surely help you to enjoy your vacation in the most interesting manner.

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