Top sights at Westminster

Westminster has it all! From galleries, art, politics, museums, monuments and much more. We offer you the perfect guide on all the top things you can do during your visit and stay at Westminster.

Westminster is the political district of the city of London. It is one of the most significant neighborhoods in the country. Be charmed by the Buckingham Palace and the house of the Parliament where the history of the country was made, remodeled and shaped. It is home to some of the landmark and iconic buildings in the city of London.

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Read on to know more about all the top things that you can indulge into your heart’s content at Westminster.

Houses of Parliament:

Take the tube and embark on your exploration of Westminster. It is here that you get the best views of the houses of Parliament as you pass it. The buildings are historic and have stood the tests of time over the years. The exteriors of the houses of the parliament are grand and imposing. The houses of the Parliament is the main heart of the England’s politics and its system. It was here that history was made and the Country was shaped over the years to what it is today. It is here that all the decisions of the country are made. The security and surveillance are high and well maintained so as to protect this national heritage building and all the importance that it commands.

Westminster Abbey:

It is a gigantic gothic church that is located in Westminster. It has created history as well as several ceremonies in the past that have remained etched in people’s memories over the years. This is also the church where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in an elaborate ceremony, which was watched by billions of people all over the world. Tourists, visitors, and Londoners visit the Westminster Abbey to pay homage to all the history of the past as well as its grand architecture and to relive those moments. It is rich in nearly 700 years of history! Relive history for all these 700 years and pay homage to the prominent figures and personalities of the past years like that of Charles Dickens, Dr. Samuel Johnson, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Charles Darwin, at the Westminster Abbey.

You can visit and enter the Westminster Abbey if you are a pass holder.

River Thames:

The River Thames borders the district of Westminster. The River Thames is a main feature of England as well as an iconic symbol of the big city of London. The River Thames flows through the very heart of the city of London. The River Thames has been flowing through the country ever since the beginning of time. The major monuments, historical structures, as well as other prominent buildings and landmarks are lined up on the banks of the River Thames. The best views of Westminster can be viewed while floating on the waters of the River Thames. Get on to a cruise boat and admire all that you see around you. The major sights that will pass you by will be the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe and much more.

If you are a pass holder at Westminster then you get a free ride for the next 24 hours on a hop on and hop off river cruiser. You get to view the sights of Westminster around you, on board the river cruise or you get to hop off the cruise to explore all those sights that you see at Westminster. Westminster has its own docking pier where you get to hop off and explore.

Churchill war rooms:

All history enthusiasts in the city are in for a treat at the Churchill war rooms. Relive all those moments than Winston Churchill moved and made plans in these very rooms during the Second World War. Step into the headquarters and explore everything that is displayed in front of you. This was his war cabinet during the Second World War. Witness first-hand the history where more than hundreds of meetings were held here in order to plan and strategize on the moves that Britain was to make in the Second World War that was to shape the history of the country of Britain. Everything was meticulously planned in detail so that Britain would emerge out of the war victoriously.

Everything that you see around you was just as it was during the Second World War. Pass holders in London and other such persons get to enter and explore the Winston Churchill rooms and the war cabinets here for free.

The Queen’s Gallery:

Tourists and visitors are not permitted to freely roam the Buckingham Palace and all of its corridors to catch a glimpse of all the art works and galleries. But do not be dejected, you get to actually view all of the Queen’s treasures at the Queen’s Gallery which includes some of her very priceless treasures which are not found anywhere else in the world. The Queen’s gallery is also rich in history as it holds priceless collections of art of all the precedent Queens that ruled Britain in the past. These art works and the Queen’s treasures have stood the tests of time during the past centuries.

These art galleries and master pieces have been well preserved and displayed for the world to see and admire the beauty and treasures of England. Admire and be dazzled by the royal collection of artwork. These artwork are true masterpieces that have been done by famous artists of the past.

However, most of the art treasures are not displayed at one time as the gallery is too small to hold it all. So around 450 pieces of artwork are rotated.

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