Top Things to Do Near Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park marks a great landmark in London city and is well known as one of the greatest parks in the world. Though, the capital city feature several lush green landscapes, however, this one being a little special for both tourists and Londoners alike. This garden covers around 142 hectares of area and has something in store for everyone. Travellers love to visit Hyde Park and plenty of visitors prefer to opt for a budget accommodation close to it. Cheap hyde park hotels offer a perfect stay and it caters to all kinds of travellers. These types of accommodations are preferred as tourists really want to save on their extra time and money which they will otherwise spend to visit Hyde Park if they stay at any far away location.

This is considered as one of the hotspot tourist destination in London and is a must visit for every traveller no matter for whatever reason he is travelling to London. Moreover, the place is always buzzing up with great things to do for people of all age groups. You can’t miss out on the fun that Hyde Park offers while staying in hotels near Hyde Park. You can get an accommodation booked much before your departure time. Moreover, this can be more convenient if you get it done with shaftesbury hyde park international booking .

Staying in or closer to Hyde Park means that you are up and ready for the fun that the place is going to offer. Here are few great activities that you really can’t afford to miss out.

Explore Harrods at Its Best:
Harrods? Is the name familiar to you? Of course it will be as it is one of the most well celebrated and popular department store in London. This store not only offers up-scale market stuff but unlike other places this store will take your shopping experience to an entirely different and a rich level. This multi-level store sells everything from high street women fashion labels, men’s designer fashion, accessories, food and even luxury gifts.

The popularity of Harrods can be judged by the fact that more than 15 million people come here to catch a glimpse of the store every year which is quite a number in itself. As far as distance from the Hyde Park is concerned, it is walking distance away.

Soak Up in the Serpentine:
Many visitors coming to the capital city for a vacation must have seen the Hyde Park and the snake shaped Serpentine Lake in the postcards, photos and over the web. However, the experience of seeing it in real is entirely out of the world. The perimeter of the Serpentine Lake is all covered with birds and calmness surrounds all over. It is ideally located eight in the middle of the park. It is an ideal place to sit back and have a cup of coffee with some light refreshments.

Boating in Lake
Museum Lovers to Catch the Fun:
The V&A that is the famous Victoria and Albert Museum celebrates rich design and art. The museum focuses on medieval, contemporary and gothic designs. The best part about this museum is that plenty of free tours can be arranged that actually reveals the history of it in real sense.

Visit to Yet Another Royal Palace:
Kensington Gardens & Palace is yet another fabulous place to check out. Checking out the official residence of Princess Diana means something. Kensington palace makes you go through her royal past and one can even catch a glimpse of the nearby memorials. The memorials are finely structured with the best of materials, architecture and unparallel craftsmanship. Art Gallery lovers will have no dearth of options out here in the Hyde Park.

The rich Serpentine Art Gallery will actually make you feel mesmerised with its contemporary and modern exhibitions.

Sports and Leisure Never Ends Here:
Are you fond of horses and horse riding? Enroll yourself at the horseback riding lessons here at the Hyde Park. Moreover, bicycle ride is yet another sporty activity that is performed here. Other than sports this lush green landscape is even famous for hosting enormous events including live concerts and various other large-scale events. Christmas Wonderland is one of the most celebrated of all events that takes place every winter.

Extravagant Shopping is yet to Come:
Mayfair, located to the east of Hyde Park is a renowned shopper’s paradise. It is quite famous for the extravagant shopping that a tourist can indulge in here. The place is yet another fabulous tourist spot where you will find people roaming around with shopping bags in their hands. In Mayfair whatever shopping you do seems less at the end of the day. This shopping district is separated from Hyde Park by the Park Lane.

Food and Drink:
If at any time you feel that you need some energy, you can grab a quick bite at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen and at the Lido Bar and Cafe. These cafes and restaurants help you to recharge your senses as they offer everything from quick cheesy bites to sandwiches and ice creams.

These are the places where you can feed your taste buds with the best.

So, come and enjoy at the Hyde Park London and turn your vacation into a fabulous one.

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