Top Tips for Creating a Great Booking Experience

A customers experience with your hotel begins as soon as they click onto your website, after all, it is very rare that a face to face booking occurs nowadays. First impressions are important, the first five seconds tells a customer everything they need to know about your website and it is so important to get it right otherwise you have lost your booking. Little things such as being on hand if they need help or simply making your website suitable for all devices can make a huge difference and will also see a huge impact on your hotel revenue. This guide gives some tips on what you can do as a business to ensure that no customer leaves your website without booking at your hotel.

Don’t Annoy the Customer

This may seems glaringly obvious but this can happen at any stage of the booking process and it could be caused by something very small. Even though there is a small time frame with the booking process, something could easily annoy them about your website; maybe a tab is too small to click on your mobile website or that a piece of information is difficult to find and requires them to trawl through your website looking for answers. The best way to avoid this is to do some research, become a consumer and search through other hotel websites, picking up on things that may annoy your about them and, by doing this, you will avoid the same mistakes on your website.

Invest in a Decent Booking Engine for Hotels

A booking engine can be the difference between a gained guest booking a room at your hotel and lost guest leaving your website. The booking process should be easy and simple, a few clicks and the customer has a reservation at your hotel. If the experience was easy and simple, they will be more likely to book with you again as well as recommend you to others.

hotel Booking Engine

Social Media is Key

Social media has become a part of our every day lives and, for hotels, it is a very valuable resource, making digital hotel marketing very important in the hospitality industry. It is used for recommendations, for reviews and, in some instances, for bookings. Connecting your booking engine to sites such as Facebook will guarantee a jump in revenue, after all, how many times have you been tempted to book a holiday or a stay at a hotel when seeing other people’s holiday pictures on social media? Social media is great for reviews to your hotel and, if you also allow guests to upload pictures of their stay to your Facebook page, your business is also getting a boost.

Website Speed

This doesn’t necessarily just apply to mobile phone websites. Website speed is crucial to bookings, if your website has glitches or plug-ins or image sizes that are too big and therefore slows down the entire site, then you will definitely lose bookings. There is nothing worse than a slow site, especially if you’re looking to book a room quickly. Frequent checks on your website are needed to avoid any problems and, therefore, avoid any loss of bookings.

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