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For a traveller, it is very necessary to travel to places which give them the much needed things in life which they miss in their day to day life style. A few of these things include art, culture, music and food. A place that has all these things packed into one is a place which usually is looked forward to whenever you are travelling. In this scenario, one of the best places to visit is undoubtedly London because London is a place where you find everything under one roof. You would find the wonder of art, culture; the different types of food, music and everything would be teamed up with the wonder of fun and festivals which would make sure that you get the best of what you are looking for whenever you are in London. The travellers are usually confused on which is the best way to visit the city and keep a track of everything. The answer to this query is given in this guide.

One of the major ways to visit the city and explore whatever the city has to offer is by cycling. Even though walking down the whole city is a very interesting way to enjoy the scenarios of the city, nothing can be compared to a cycle trip of the whole city. You would also see that the ride that you take, often called the Deptford Ride, would be one of the major experiences and takeaways from the whole tour of London. You get to see the major landmarks and the major to see attractions while you are on this ride and that would be an experience which you would remember for your lifetime. Essentially the route is through Deptford and Greenwich, you would also enjoy the mythological Thames Barriers in your trip along with the Pillars of Hercules which is in itself a must see attraction.

When you are on this trip, the first stoppage would be the St. Nicholas’ Church. A very interesting fact of this is the fact that the first stoppage of this whole tour was supposed to be the last stoppage of the whole tour. The church is situated inside the Deptford Green. The main attraction of the churching is the gate of the church which is surrounded by many tall stone pillars which has been mounted by a statue of skull and crossbones. One look at them would send shivers down your spine because of those evil looking skulls but at the same time you would enjoy the view and it would give you goose bumps. You must know about the pirate flag which has been created by Captain Henry Morgan and then you would also find it interesting that this whole idea has been inspired by the skull and crossbones statue.

If you keep on going and cycling through the greens and the wonderful scenery of Greenwich then you would reach the Thames Barriers. Even though it is a break from the green, tourist worthy lanes of Greenwich, the break is very pleasant. The mythology behind the place would attract you to the place all the more. The road that leads to the Thames Barriers is large and is also busy which might take you a bit time for reaching the place but if you get the directions right then it is very easy reaching the place. There, you would see the Barriers and it is guaranteed that you would feel that they are nothing but legendary guardians who are protecting their beloved Thames, their prized London. There is another way to see the best of what the Thames Barriers has to offer and that is by approaching them by boat.

If you are a traveller who is to come to London and take the Deptford ride and are confused on which place to stay in which would be easier then you can pick up your choice at the Paddington Court Executive rooms hotel. This hotel is one of a kind and one of the reasons why it is chosen to be a part of Deptford Ride by most tourists as a place to sit is because of the fact that it is very close to the starting point of the whole tour. Your luggage that you would keep in the hotel before you leave for the trip is very safe within the confines of the hotel because the security that the hotel provides is top notch and you would not regret or have a chance to complain even for a wee bit if you would take a room at the hotel. Even at the end of the trip, you would not have any problem returning back home because of the fact that the hotel is very well connected to all kinds of transport facilities which make sure that you do not have any kind of problem if you travel even at the late hours.

The next stop in the whole trip is the Thames Path. This path is basically next to the Thames Barriers as they run along the river banks and end up back to Greenwich from where you had started your journey. This whole range of the cycle route is famous for the intermittent route. You get large and wonderfully paved routes in some places and it also gets to the rough and sharp ranges in the other parts. You need to get the directions right and also make sure that you get through the peninsula properly when you are in the Thames Path. Alternatively, you can also trace your journey to this point back to the starting point. Once you reach there, even though the trip is over, you are sure to be tired and the sight of the wonderful Cutty Sark Tavern would entice you so much that you would give in all the energy that you have to visit the place. You can go inside and enjoy the London pub scene and refresh yourself before heading to the hotel for a wonderful night.

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