Trends in the market for your Wedding reception

The wedding is one day where a woman is at her full glory and why just women? Even the men are at their best on the wedding day. Both the partners want the best for themselves and their partners on the special day but the thing that makes them the most worried is the venue that they are going to choose for the wedding reception and more than the venue it is the trend that they would follow in their wedding reception is what keeps them thinking.

In today’s time the most famous trend that is being followed is marquees. This particular trend moulds itself into any kind of wedding reception theme. You can in detail go for boutique wedding receptions, rustic wedding receptions or Do it yourself wedding receptions. Be it in any kind of wedding reception, you can make marquees fit and rock the theme and the wedding will be one noteworthy one.

Boutique wedding receptions

This theme is for the couple or for the parents of the couple who want a very close knit wedding reception where only a few selected friends and close family will be invited. A small marquee, hotels and vineyards are a few options of places that are more than ready to host boutique wedding receptions. There you can have your say in it and make it a homely affair.

Be it for boutique wedding receptions, rustic wedding receptions or do it yourself wedding receptions, there are many wedding reception venues London where you can get the type of venue you want to suit your needs and the suit the theme of venue you are opting for. Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm London is one such wedding venue that offers variations of options and freedom to choose.

Rustic wedding receptions

This theme is perfect for the couple or for the parents of the couple who want an extravagant wedding. You can choose a large field, a festival or a simple country inspired place that would provide both the rustic feeling and the ample space required to make a wedding a grand affair with all the family and friends attending it.

Do it Yourself wedding reception

This theme is perfect for the couple or for the parents of the couple who want everything to go their way and who want themselves to be involved in each and every thing related to the wedding receptions. This do it yourself wedding receptions also helps in cutting the extra cost that is being taken when you go for other packages which might be costly. With Do it yourself wedding receptions, you can yourself go to the market, check the things needed for the wedding and see what is needed and what is not and even bargain the prices. This also gives the wedding reception a very personal touch which will remain in the minds of the guest forever. With do it yourself wedding receptions, you can look after every nook and cranny and also double sure that everything is in order. Now why wait? Go for the Marquee trend and select any theme you like for your wedding reception.

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