Trip to Ha Long Bay at Vietnam

Ha long Bay is one of the majorly visited travel attractions in Vietnam. Thousands of people opt for a Vietnam trip every year and their major desire is always to pay a visit to Ha long Bay which is immensely popular. Being located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Ha long Bay is beautifully bordered by Ha Long City. Covering around 1500 square kilometers, the bay becomes a captivating sight as it gets filed with a number of islets and islands. It is although not the only one but definitely is one of the most beautiful areas located on the planet Earth which is treasured as a favorite travel spot by various tourists who desire to delve into the peaceful atmosphere of the scenic ambiance in the Bay.

The various lakes, islands and caves add u to the tourism quotient of this area. Many people can look forward to stay, dine and chill out during their vacation in the Ha Long Bay where they get to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Mother Nature in the most beautiful form. Touring the region gets easier as you can visit the caves which are lit so that the travelers get to enjoy the better display of the stalactites as well as stalagmites. The views of the other distantly located caves are natural. The guide tour which you choose might let you get a closer view of the islands from the short jaunts.

This is one of the must to be visited travel site located in the North East. There are various options available to reach this place and one does not have to worry about arranging the transport links in order to reach Ha Long Bay. If you are staying somewhere in Hanoi., then you can easily go for the local tours which will conveniently take from your hotel in the morning , make necessary arrangements for sightseeing and food at the Bay and then leave you back at your hotel at the end of the day. Although a one day trip cannot make you feel contented from any angle as there is so much to see and explore in the bay. You can go for a here day tour to the bay during your vacation in Vietnam. If you are the one who is always after adventurous trips, then visiting Ha Long is what you must look forward to. The pristine solitude sets the mood high leaving you astonished as well as amazed. Picking up a travel agent in Hanoi can get a bit hectic as you would come across to a number of them in and around you. By going for a day’s trip to the bay is not worthy of the money spent neither would you be able to discover the thrill and soaking atmosphere properly. The calm and soothing ambiance is what sets the bay apart from others, hence make sure to stay back and enjoy the thrill which the place gradually unfolds. Just because it is located within a distance of only 200kms away from Hanoi, does not make it any closer. As you start planning your trip to Ha Long Bay, you will come across to the fact that it takes around 4 hours to get to Ha Long. Now after spending 4 long hours, it does not make any sense to return on the same day.

There are various packages available for the trip. You can easily look forward to go on for the boat sailing trip if that is what you are looking for. Again, you can also satisfy your heart by going for the one-night on boat and the other night on island package. This could be a thrilling experience which will let you discover the natural sceneries making the place worth visiting. Millions of travelers plan a visit to this bay in particular on a yearly basis and when it is about realizing your dreams of having an adventurous stay in one of the most happening islands. You can spend your leisure time by opting out for trekking, swimming, caving, adventure sightseeing and kayaking in other bays. A more relaxing trip can be an ideal one for those who work hard day and night and have opted for a Vietnam vacation just to spend their leisure time in absolute bliss can definitely go for a two night boat trip.

Before taking the final decision, make sure to do your research. Even if the travel tour offers you with an enticing package rate which goes along with your budget, still you need to enquire the standard rates and facilities offered by the other guides in order to know which side of the pole you are standing on and whether you are being fooled or not. Make sure to enquire the name of the travel cruise company from the guide. This must be your primary question to the travel agent. If he gives you any replies, then be quick to google the mentioned name on the internet. Sometimes fake agents would not be providing you with any proper names, to which you can simply walk away.

You can start your journey towards Ha Long Bay from Hanoi by availing the bus services. The cheap and comfortable bus journeys to Ha Long Bay are convenient enough to make you feel relaxed throughout your journey. The tourist bus will take you directly to the bay from Hanoi without any stops. Make sure to enquire the bus fares before planning the trip. Staying overnight on the boat or arranging for your accommodation on a boat offering overnight cabin facilities would make your trip a journey trip remember. There is one Ha Long Galaxy Cruise which provides cabin facilities to the travelers. The cabins are small, clean and air conditioned. You will be able to get sea food in the cabins. Meat and vegetables are also offered to the visitors on request. Most of the other meals served at the cabin have vegetables, eggs, met, salad, fruits, etc. It is better to book for the bay trip directly from the hotel in order to avoid external problems.

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