True Facts about Justin Bieber’s Love of Mayfair London

Justin Bieber is pop’s latest sensation.  Having been discovered after uploading videos to popular social media channel ‘YouTube’, the Canadian born singer released his first album in 2009. This was the first of a number of albums to go platinum and the star has since earned numerous awards for his music.

The singer is well known for his love of both luxury hotels and social media.  In 2010 he tweeted that he was going to be partying at the London Mayfair Hotel, but controversially left via the back exit refusing to sign autographs for the fans who had shown up to catch a glimpse of him.

It is easy to see why Justin Bieber has a love of Mayfair Hotels in London.  When it comes to a luxury experience, there is no better place to stay.  Mayfair is located right in the centre of London’s shopping district and is perfect for a weekend break in the heart of the famous capital city.  There are numerous bars and restaurants in the area, ranging from the new and modern, to the traditional and opulent.

When it comes to accommodation, hotels in Mayfair rival the very best in any city in the World.  The hotels exude class and sophistication from the greeting of the doorman, to the design and high quality finish of the interior.  The very finest of traditional English decor, updated and modernised for today’s 21st Century world.

Top quality food is another reason Justin Bieber loves hotels in Mayfair.  Many hotels employ famous chefs to design bespoke menus that can set the taste buds of the hotel guests alight with a blend of traditional and exotic flavours.  British food can no longer be called boring as chefs from all over the world embrace the multiculturalism of London to create inspirational and unique dishes that capture the essence of life in the big city.  Alternatively, for those with a more traditional taste, you can still get those British staples such as cream tea and a good old cooked English breakfast.

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