True Things at the Vidamar Resort Madeira

The Vidamar Resort Madeira is the dream property where you have all the facilities arranged the right way for your advantage. The resort is located on the Madeira’s southern coast and the place is just a walking distance from the central area of Funchal. At the property you can find the double salt water infinity pools and from here you get the best view of the Atlantic. From the rooms of the hotel you get the perfect garden view. You feel so good once you stand at the balcony and get a chance to see the adjoining area so special and green.

Rooms of Substance

The rooms of the resort are all well equipped. Once you enter the compartment you find amenities like cable, air conditioning, refrigerator, television and even the facility of ensuite bathroom. It is real pleasure to stay at one of the compartment with all the special collection of prerequisites and these are provisions to help you have a stay all so special. You would love all things about this property so perfectly sufficed and well decked. All things offered are of the best of standard and you have nothing to say against the arrangement in offer. This is a great place where you can feel the pleasure to live at complete liberty.

Foods at the Restaurants

The hotel has the in site restaurants and at the place you are being offered with all the international and local specialties. There is the Ocean Buffet Restaurant and you can even sit and dine at Sabor a Mar Restaurant. One would also prefer the setting of the Casa das Espetadas Restaurant and the experience at the Koi Sushi Bar is just beyind expectation. You can even spend time with food at the Italian à la carte restaurant. The quality of food served at the place will make you feel just out of the world.

Specialties of the Resort

The specialty of the Vidamar Resort Madeira is the Mamma Mia by Giovanni. You can even be at the Piano Bar and there is even the snooker lounge where you can have the complete pleasure of gaming with the other essentialities in offer. For the guests there is the well provided fitness centre and the resort also helps you with the provision to play tennis or squash. There is the special sea platform at the hotel and this is the perfect option for sunbathe. Within the premise you have the luxurious spa and you get the best of tuition in the genre of water sports.

More Things to Know

Among the 5 Star Hotels you can definitely count this one. The property stands 18 kilometres from the Madeira Santa Catarina Airport. On paying extra money you are given the provision of perfect car parking. The resort is the ideal choice for the travellers who take deep interest in relaxation. If you love enjoying scenery and nature this is always the trusted option for you. People at the hotel can best understand the language you speak and this makes it easy for them to know what you are really in need of.

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