Try urban golf or any other sport in London

London offers something for everyone. Whatever your area of interest maybe you can be sure to have it catered to in the city. From its famous museums to sporting arenas, entertainment venues to shopping markets; it offers a stunning variety of options to choose from. For sports enthusiasts there are a plethora of activities to choose from.

It is these aspects that make it a preferred holiday destination, especially during the summer months. In terms of places to stay, whether you are searching for budget accommodation or a city suites hotel London has them all.  From visiting London’s icons to watching theatre at the West End you will a lot to choose from.

For those with a passion for sports, the city offers a great variety of sporting activities to indulge in. Some of the more uncommon sporting activities that you could try your hand at are:

Urban Golf:

If you like to tee off then London is the place to do it, with an added twist. The city does indeed boast of some of the finest world class golf courses like The Wentworth Club, The West Course and the Walton Heath Golf Club, among other premier courses. However, instead of playing on the actual greens you could opt to play indoors instead, and that to get to pick any golf course in the world. As incredulous as it may sound it is true!   While you may not get to soak in the sunlight it would be a most enjoyable experience. Indoor golf is the latest craze that golfers are taking to with enthusiasm. There are special high-tech simulators that replicate the world’s best courses, which will make you feel the same adrenaline rush and thrill when swinging the club. All of this has been made possible through the use of virtual reality technology, by which you can play on any course of your choice, while remaining in the city of London. It puts an entirely new perspective on playing the game. Whatever the weather outside you could enjoy a relaxing game of golf.


If you want a thorough physical workout and are not keen to hit the gym a good alternative is rock climbing. It is a complete workout and great for those who find exercising at the gym monotonous. Of course for those who lack experience in the sport induction is a must. With practice and under expert tutelage participants begin to enjoy the experience. It provides a full body workout from the fingertip to the feet. It is very intense which even involves muscles that are otherwise dormant. Although after the first few sessions you will feel fatigued and have muscular pains and aches, but after a period of time the body will adjust to the stress and strains. It is known to be out of the most intensive cardio workouts and also is intellectually challenging as the climber has to figure out a route up the wall. Climbers could lose up to 600 plus calories in a one-hour session. There are a number of places which offer indoor climbing facilities in London.


If you want to try something radically different from regular sports activities try the humble hula-hoop. It has certainly come a long way from being just a children’s play thing to being an exercise aid for adults. There are regular classes held in different parts of London by hula-hoop clubs. They are great to join and get started with basic sessions organized for newbies, with advanced techniques for those with experience. If you thought it was just fun to do think again! It is a great workout for the body and burns a fair number of calories in each session. While toning the abdomen, hip and waist muscles they help to burn fat with regular hoppers taught integrating other body parts for additional benefits.  And the best part once you get good at it you could do it at home for free.

Aerial fitness clubs:

Definitely not for the fainthearted and for those who have a fear of heights. Aerial fitness workouts have graduated from circus tricks to a popular exercise craze. Participants need to clamber up two thick curtains of silk that are suspended high up from the ceiling. While doing this they have to perform tricks and holds. It is harder than thought with beginners first coached on how to climb the silks and basic holds. Once they have mastered the basics they are then tutored in inverted moves, which are more difficult to master and need a lot of focus and practice. Like Pilates, it works on the core muscles of the body which include the back, shoulders and arms. Although initially it is rather challenging but once you complete a few sessions you will enjoy the routines.

British Military Fitness:

It is not as scary as the name seems to suggest.  You will not be drilled and grilled to the point of breakdown by a martinet for a drill sergeant, punishing you. Participants are given different colour bibs as per their physical fitness levels and spend close to an hour doing paired exercises and team games. The person in-charge will be a serving or former member of the armed forces and it will provide a thorough cardio workout, while being enjoyable too. It will include crawling, climbing and of course a fair bit of running, so expect to get down and dirty when you sign up for the sessions. A great way to burn calories while enjoying the experience too!

These are just a few of the numerous other sporting activities that are available in London. You could pick one that interests you and suits your fitness level.

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