Unique Things To Fall For In London Markets

London is so full of surprises, and there are some things that you will instantly fall in love with without knowing the reason behind it. Similarly, one such thing is London markets. They are unique yet good enough for you to pick up everyday needs as well as to but vintage and boutique belongings. St the same time, you will find here fresh meat and vegetables unlike anywhere else in London.

It is not at all unlikely that thousands of visitors get drawn to this unique London market scenario without knowing the reasons but they love to be there. You can wander their browse the shops or just hang out with friends at a coffee shop. Once you are there, you will find every opportunity to be there and get the feeling which is strange yet good. Here you will learn about some of the best London markets where you will find a whole different world nestled right in this eclectic city.

Alfies Antique Market
• This market is a bustling center for unusual and decorative things. However, nonetheless, it is chic and cheerful as ever.

• You will find a hoard of 20th-century design collectibles and pieces in London. And not to forget that it is one of its kind largest indoor markets in London where you will find vintage and antique lovers are spending time with more 75 dealers to cater to your need.

• Alfies Antique Market also boasts of a Rooftop Kitchen giving way to panoramic views of the city. You will love this place as it is nothing like the usual market you have known throughout your life.

Borough Market
• If it is food you can only think about then, go nowhere else rather than, Borough Market. It is undoubtedly the gourmet paradise of London.

• Choose your favorite from a range of organic and fresh produce including vegetables, cheese, and meat. There are also other goods like baked treats, condiments and also delicious street food.

• This wide selection of excellent choices is ideal to take home, or you can also enjoy a quick bite of delicious food from the stalls nearby.

• To see the market in full swing, drop in at any day within Wednesday to Saturday and buy stuff from this food haven.

• On Mondays and Tuesdays, shoppers can find food traders and vegetables and fruit stalls. You will also get many exciting things too but if you are living around Paddington like Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London as accommodation in paddington London will give you all the great stuff within walking distance.

Broadway Market
• If you want to experience an unusual combination of things giving wonderful options to buy, drop in at Broadway Market where local traders, artisans, and craftsman gather to offer their best creations to shoppers.

• From tasty ingredients, delicious quick made food to gifts that are unique and unusual, you will be overwhelmed to be here as there are so many things to shop for.

• If you are wondering the price of all these stuff then, there are more affordable than you can imagine. It is also one of the best places to get clothing and original pieces of ceramics as well.

BrickLane Market
• Think of fancy flea market, think of BrickLane Market. It is a large market selling at East End London selling a variety of products from clothes, antiques to bric-a-brac.

•  London markets will never disappoint you as you will find something of your choice here. Similarly, BrickLane Market is no exception.

• Arts and music lovers will also get their choices catered here. Ever since, 2000, this place has opened different markets under the name Truman Markets.

• There are also food trucks present within the vicinity seven days a week. If you are tired of browsing all the clothes and items, relax at a coffee shop or enjoy fulfilling street food.

Camden Lock Market
• It is the central hub of Camden’s huge market which is the home for over 100 stalls to buy an extensive range of designer clothes, accessories, furnishings, food and also pieces of art.

• Not to forget, this place is also bustling with restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can get great food at affordable prices.

• The designer workshops and studios are the best place to find up and coming designers and try out latest outfits from vintage to chic.

Covent Garden Market
• Visit the iconic Covent Garden and its architectural masterpiece housed in and around Market Building Piazzas.

• The section known as Apple Market in North Hall is the most exciting and colorful space in the entire marketing building where you will find British made jewelry, crafts, leather goods and much more. Curios are also available every day of week.

• On visiting South Piazza, you will come across Jubilee Market that changes its wares daily. Drop in at this place on Mondays for antiques and from Tuesdays to Fridays, this market operates selling general items, household goods and also street performers showing off their talents to entertain the shoppers while they are browsing through various shops.

Maltby Street Market
• Get under the railway arches in Ropewalk located near London Bridge and discover a whole new market under the name of Maltby Street Market.

• You can call this place as a playground for food lovers. A number of street food sellers lines up here over the weekend and offers some the best cuisines from all over the world.

• Its most famous bite is New York style sandwiches at Monty’s Deli. For filled donuts, there is St John Bakery and Little Bird serves the best gin cocktails in the place.

Greenwich Market
• It is not only famous for its top tourist attraction locations, but Greenwich is also known for its market. It is a perfect place to buy unique gifts and enticing range of jewelry.

• The products you will find here are amazing, as small cottage industries and designer makers come together here to sell stuff which is one of a kind.

Visiting these markets is like getting a whole different and unique perspective of London, and they are an attraction in itself.

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