Upcoming Exhibitions in 2017at London Transport Museum

One of the very few transport museums in the world, London Transport Museum or LT Museum is located in Covent Garden, London. The main objective of the museum is to preserve and highlight London’s transport heritage through its various exhibits that have mostly been derived from London Transport’s collection. However, after Transport for London was created in 2000, everything related to London’s transportation is being covered by the museum. There are two sites within London that cover all the operations of the museum, with the main site being in Covent Garden and the other one being located in Acton. Whereas the former opened in 2007 after being renovated for two years and is open to the public, the latter is basically a storage site which is open throughout the year on regular visitors days and is also known as the London Transport Museum Depot. It is a registered charity under English law and prior to 2007, it was briefly renamed London’s Transport Museum but with the opening of its Covent Garden site, it reverted to its original name.

The Covent Garden site of the museum is a Victorian and glass building that was once a part of the vegetable, fruit and flower market at the location which is situated between Russell Street, Tavistock Street, Wellington Street and the east side of the previous market square. London Transport Museum occupied the building in 1980 after the market shifted from there in 1971. The collection in the museum used to be a part of the British Transport Museum in Clapham but it was shifted to a location in Syon Park in 1973. A major refurbishment of the museum was initiated in 2005 when it was closed down and after r4enovations it was reopened in 2007. Located within walking distance from both Covent Garden tube station and Charing Cross railway station, the museum’s entrance is from the Covent Garden Piazza.

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Like most museums, London Transport Museum also offers exhibitions to the public on a regular basis. The exhibitions that were held in 2016 included:

Designology: It displayed art and aesthetics behind the functional and familiar and it traced the evolution of design over the last century and how we come face to face with it in different aspects of everyday life. It also showcased the possible developments in the field of travel experiences from the visual to the virtual while discovering the attractive designs and operations of London’s transport network. The exhibition also showcased posters related to travel down the ages, historic maps, tickets and signage and a pop-up design Studio which actively explored how good design improves life in London through residencies and participatory workshops. Three Late Debate Events also took place focussing on the themes and topics that dominated exploration at the studio over the past few months, while featuring invited speakers, panel discussions and workshops.

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Weaving futures: Running from 21 November 2016 to 18 February 2017, this programme is highlighting the potential of woven fabrics and their importance to the London transport system.

There are two major exhibitions scheduled for 2017.

Sounds of the City: Taking place from 19 May to 3 September 2017 at London Transport Museum, it will comprise of 100 illustrations for interpreting the relationships of artists with sound in the urban scenario. Residents of London are familiar with different types of sound including familiar, curious, persistent and distinctive ones that they face all the time and this exhibition takes inspiration from these sounds to celebrate both the din and the quiet environment that modern cities offer.

Poster Girls: Highlighting girl power this major new exhibition will take place at the London transport Museum from 13 October 2017 to summer 2018 and it will aim to showcase important 20th and 21st century female graphic artists who have been instrumental in designing for London Transport and Transport for London. These female artists include Dora Batty, Harry Perry, Laura Knight, Anna Zinkeisen, Margaret Calkin, James and Freda LIngstrom. The exhibition will strive to examine and contextualise the artists and their featured work in the backdrop of the era in which they lived and worked. It will also examine their style by analysing the influences that they faced both from within the design community and from the outside world.

Poster Girls exhibition will offer stunning original posters from the collection of London Transport Museum along with related material such as letters, books and cerami8cs, photographs and original artworks. It will also examine the artists’ different portfolios apart from posters while also considering the context, in which the posters were designed, the backgrounds of their careers and also the influence they created on 20th century design.

Both the above exhibitions will be taking place at the Exterion Media Gallery at the London Transport Museum. The adult admission ticket to the museum includes entry to these exhibitions as well as unlimited daytime entry for a whole year. There is no entry fee for kids.

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