Useful Suggestions for Americans Travelling to England

If you are an American and if you wish to travel abroad for a vacation, particularly to England, which is a great tourist destination, it is important to know why it is such a great place to spend your holidays and what are the essential travel tips for Americans to have a great time?

England and in particular London, is a great vacation destination for individuals of all ages who are all welcome and can have a wonderful trip. It is also perfect for all types of travel and it will definitely give you the best time of your life irrespective of whether you are travelling for a romantic getaway, family vacation, solo exploration, honeymoon, anniversary celebration or for business. Moreover, there are hundreds of attractions that can be classified as must-see places. There is something for everyone in London including a lot of activities including dining, shopping and sightseeing. Although London is an expensive place to stay and to move around, there are many affordable hotels. However, most people like to stay at London Premier Kensington because it is located in a posh and sophisticated area and it offers comfortable accommodation at an affordable cost. If you decide to visit England, you will not regret it.

However, if you are an American, there are many do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of so that your trip is comfortable and without any hassles.
Important Tips for Americans Travelling to England

It is not necessary to tip wherever you go and whoever gives you some service such as a waiter in a restaurant or a cab driver. You need to assess whether the service was really worth it to deserve a tip.

You must realise that British people are sarcastic most of the time especially against Americans and if someone says something that you find absurd, it is best to laugh it off rather than reacting angrily.

Do not wear bumbags and baggy tees as they are not appreciated by the local people. Moreover, it is best to avoid acting as if you are the boss and that you own the place. You should also be smart to realise when someone is trying to sell you the Big Ben. It is best to buy a gift at the market stall as the same thing at a gift shop may cost you much more. If you are interested in shopping, you should visit Camden Market where you can get a large variety of stuff at reasonable cost.
Your behaviour towards the local residents should always be polite and you must say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ at every possible occasion. The British are conservative and fastidious about their etiquette and they expect others also to follow suit. You must know that the British hate George Bush and admire Obama and as such avoid praising Bush and criticising Obama.

In England, people do not care about basketball, football or baseball. They like Soccer which they call football. At a pub you will find rugby being discusses frequently. It is also not nice to divulge secrets of TV shows that you may have watched but have not appeared on American TV.

You must also be aware that in England, unlike in America, vehicles are driven on the left side of the road with the driver sitting on the right side of the car. As such, it will not be easy for an American to drive in England because it takes time to get used to driving that way. If you wish to rent a car in England, you should get a GPS navigation system which will save you plenty of time and effort in trying to fathom out maps of the area where you are going.

Americans must remember that the British Sterling is nearly 60 percent stronger than their dollar and as such prices of clothing in department stores are more expensive in relation to the cost in America. As such, it is better to shop at small cheap gift shops.

Most people might tell Americans to avoid London and visit the other places in England but then there is no point in making this trip because the history and attractions of London can simply not be missed. Moreover, a stay at London Premier Kensington is what you have to experience to get the real feel of the sophistication of London. When in London, you must jump on one of the open top tour buses and get off at different stops to see the various attractions of the city. However, it is important do some research and find out which places you would like to see. An important aspect of England is that the voltage used in UK is 240 volts and since America uses 110 volts they would need to bring a convertor so that their electrical gadgets can operate.   It is also important to carry an umbrella because you ever know when the sky will open up.

There are some more suggestions that will help in having a great trip to England.  You should not try to cover the whole of England in a week because you will miss out a lot. It is better to choose an area as a base and explore from there. You should try to visit the small market towns especially in the north of England where the people are much friendlier.

You should try not to be loud as the British like to be really quiet. It is also advisable to avoid discussing US politics and religion. The last suggestion is that you need to save a lot of money before you take the trip so that you can have a good time in England.

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