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The United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Planning your vacation in London is one of the best ideas to have beautiful vacation memories for life time. There are huge and beautiful vacation spots at United Kingdom. You get to see the eye catching scenic beauty, relaxing coastlines. The villages and towns in the United Kingdom have the colors of its history in it, there are a lot number of beautiful monuments that you get to see in the United Kingdom and which reflects its dominance of queens in the country. If you want to have a peaceful vacation, then there are a lot number of cities in Britain that are located in its remote areas giving you a peaceful vacation. UK has a lot more than your imagination and expectations, so visit it today.

London the most Beautiful City of, United Kingdom

Talking about London, it is one of the most visited and beautiful cities of the United Kingdom. London is visited by a number of tourists per year as it is the top ranked vacation destination in the UK. Talking about a few of the most visited places in London are,

  • Westminster Abbey
  • The Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
  • The House of Parliament and Big Ben

Apart from these few popular places there are a lot more to visit in London. You have a number of museums that gives the view of its history, the beautiful parks and the gardens are also a worthy place to visit. The museum is also free of cost to visit, here you get to see a number of ancient paintings that depicts the beautiful work of art. The combination of modern and ancient gold bars are also a must visit at Sir Soane’s Museum. London provides you with the free newspaper where you can get the idea of the city at the any busy street. So it’s very difficult to avoid anything in London, everything is just beautiful and perfect that will gives you a sense of its art and culture. You have a wide range of options so select the places according to your choice and likings. You also have a wide range of shopping places in London that provides you with the world class clothes.

Places to Visit at Trafalgar Square

There are a lot of Tourist Attractions near Trafalgar Square.  When you pass the area of Trafalgar Square you get to visit the most beautiful places in London. The place is just hard to ignore and you would surely like to visit all of them. Some of the famous places that you can visit at Trafalgar Square are,

  • The Strand
  • National Gallery
  • St Paul’s Church
  •  Convent Garden’s
  • Drury Lane
  • St Martin-in-the fields

These are just the few names in the list there is a lot more than this that will attract you towards it. No doubt Trafalgar Square in London attracts number tourists every year. Lets discuss about a few of them in brief,

  • Nelson’s Column Depicting the Victory of Nelson – it depicts the victory of Lord Nelson with French and Spanish which took place in Trafalgar Square in 1805. This place is really beautiful fountains and bronze reliefs; the monument is 185ft in height. The place includes the statue of a lot number of kings of UK like the George IV, Henry Havelock, Charles James Napier, General Gordon and many more. The victory of Nelson has been shown in a very beautiful way at Nelson’s Column.
  • National Portrait Gallery, comprising the portrait of famous people from English History- the place has a beautiful and attractive collection of paintings and drawings. It is located just next to the National Gallery so you can visit it easily. It has a collection of more than 45,000 paintings. The portrait of people like Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchi9ll, Princess Diana, Queen Victoria, and Shakespeare are the few that you get to see at this place.
  • Covent Garden Market remains of shops, fashion boutiques and craft stalls- this place was a beautiful spot for marketing before 1974. In 1974 the local government removed all these things from this place, but the remains are still there which attracts a lot number of tourists at this place. The Royal Opera House is also at this place.

The Famous Restaurants in Paddington

There are a lot number of Famous Restaurants in Paddington. These restaurants provide you with the world class food, which really attracts the food lover. If you are at Paddington and looking for some really mouth watering food then here are is a list of some of the famous hotels in Paddington; like paddington park hotel in central London.

  • Pearl Liang is a famous sleek Chinese restaurant in Paddington. It provides you with the every type of Chinese dish and you really get the tastiest dishes at this place. They are also open till 12.00 pm.
  • Yo! Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that has an open kitchen. This place has a colorful chain of eatery and you can even order your food.
  • Massis Lebanese Grill & Bar- they are famous for their grilled meats and hot and cold beverages and dishes.

Apart from the above mentioned restaurants there are also many other good restaurants at Paddington, like Arthouse Kitchen, Love Supreme, Ampersand café, Buon Ricordo, Micky’s Café and 10 William Street.

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