Very Visual Wedding Necklaces

The day of your wedding is going to be one of the most poignant days of your life and you’ll want to ensure that everything is flawless, from the flowers you carry to the dress you wear to the accessories you drape around your neck. Our guide is here to provide you with some inspiration for the most beautiful, and very visual wedding necklaces.

Elegant Pendant

Pendant necklaces are a staple of any jewellery box but for the big day itself, you deserve to wear one that is truly remarkable. The most popular pendant necklaces typically feature a beautiful gemstone, which may be precious or semi precious. But you may also opt for a motif to bring luck, which may be in the shape of a heart, flower, or beyond.

Rose Gold

If you are wearing a white wedding dress then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a metal hue. One that looks particularly fetching with white,  especially at a summer wedding, is rose gold. Soft and feminine, rose gold necklaces for women will enhance your natural beauty and look fantastic in the photos.

Sentimental Stones

If you decide to wear a necklace embellished with gemstones, then you might want to choose ones that have sentimental value or spiritual significance. For example, onyx necklaces offer protection, encourage happiness and good fortune, and harmonise relationships. If you would rather stick to the tradition of wearing ‘something blue’ then lapis lazuli shares similar traits and forties relationships.

Chokers and Collars

If you are opting for a strapless wedding dress then your number one choice of necklace ought to be either a choker or collar necklace. You will find a great variety of styles ranging from minimalist gold vermeil necklaces to grandiose styles encrusted with gems. Ultimately, your decision will be based on the dress itself and how much of a statement you wish to make.


If you are opting for a vintage dress or something more whimsical, a romantic opera length necklace will add a stylish finish to your wedding ensemble. Choose long, sweeping gold vermeil necklaces for a timeless look and layer with rose gold necklaces for women to articulate your look. Depending on the vibe you wish to create, this style will help you channel everything from beautifully bohemian to the roaring twenties.

Classic Diamonds

If you are sporting a diamond engagement ring, this is the perfect opportunity to add an extra splash of sparkle to your look. Choose either a choker or pendant style necklace as determined by the neckline of the dress and shine on! If you have a non traditional solitaire, then pick out an alternative matching necklace that compliments the ring.

Perfect Match

If you want to create a sense of cohesion, you can synchronise your choice of necklace with your bridesmaids. Pick out a set of polished onyx necklaces in the same gemstone hue or mix things up and choose coordinating studs for your best girls to wear. Alternatively, you can link up with your future husband and have your necklace match his cufflinks.


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