Victoria Coach Station London: The Nodal Connection point in London

The Victoria Coach Station is a station which is a hub of bus connectivity to a lot of the country. It is situated in the close proximity of the Victoria Underground Station and this bodes quite well for connectivity to the rest of the city itself, as well. A traveller can truly depend on regular city bus connections are also available which can take one from here right into the City of London and to Liverpool Street.

At the Victoria Coach Station, there are twenty one bays for buses which disperse themselves, according to the routes they follow, all across England and beyond. The great thing about the bus services from here is the fact that booking a ticket is a lot similar to booking an airline ticket. This can be said and is said to be true due to the fact that the online booking of bus tickets is very easy and the tickets are mailed to the email account of the booker so that they can be printed almost at the very moment they were booked at!

For those who are making a long trip which culminates in London or originates in London, it is important to remember that while the station does have toilet and baby changing facilities, there are no showers which can be used. It is also to be noted that there are nominal charges for the usage of these facilities.

The Green Line Coach Station provides a person who has some time to kill while in the neighbourhood, waiting for a bus, with a range of options when it comes to places at which one can grab a bite to eat. The outlets which are here include a Terracafe outlet, which is duly supplemented with a Subway outlet.

A secret which can yield some pretty valuable savings is that if one can keep his or her eye out for promotional campaigns, then there are tickets to be had at deep discounts as compared to what buying a ticket physically on the day of travel would cost. In the case of a person deciding that he or she has plans which may change and would like to book on the spot, then he or she should be at the Ticketing Office, which is open between the hours of seven in the morning and ten at night.

Keeping with the more unlikely requirements or wants of a traveller, the station is also equipped with a booth which enables one to take passport pictures, should the need arise.

In addition to this, there is also the option of booking a return trip. Doing this is quite strongly recommended as it is well worth the flexibility of the trip lost! In order to have a smooth journey, it is also recommended that the person who is travelling by bus arrives at the station a good half hour prior to the scheduled departure time of the bus he or she is booked on.

From an amazing European capital, which is London, it is possible to access other capitals and major cities such as Dublin, Paris and the likes, which are short trips; relative to trips to the other places which are also connected, such as the wonderful city of Madrid or the Eternal City; Rome. These services are provided under the umbrella of Eurolines and this is done in association with National Express. It almost goes without saying that the bus is a rather economical mode of transport if one wishes to go across the English Channel and discover the Continent.

Though Victoria may be a coach station, like the rest of London, it is well connected and one can easily access the airports of the city while using public transport. For example, a person who has a flight to catch from the Gatwick airport can easily do so as the National Express runs services to not only one but both of the terminals at this airport. In a similar vein, Heathrow Central Bus Station is also well connected.

Though there are a fair amount of hotels to be seen when one pulls in to the Victoria Coach Station in London, it would be a tad bit disappointing to have to search for a hotel upon arrival in the city. Instead of this, booking at a hotel which is one such as the London Premier Notting Hill is something which is a good thing to do as in this case, one is in a position to be and can be steadfast in the belief that there is absolutely no need for him or her to worry about the hotel, due to the high quality of the stay and the service of the staff, which is really worth writing home about.

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