Visit London’s Historic Past

Steeped in centuries of history, the European nations of Scotland, Wales and England, together called Great Britain have a lot to offer to the curious traveler. The quaint, scenic country British roads inevitably end at a historic tap house or a homely Bed and Breakfast. Britain is steeped in extremes, the geographic region Moors with its stone cottages and wandering sheep, the territorial dominion with its brilliant lakes, various Castles dotted throughout the countryside, the numerous Art Galleries and traveler sites, distinctive cities like metropolis with its Tudor Buildings, walled cities like royal line. Centuries of history mixed with modern-day cities.

The City of London is the historic core of England and has evolved over the years to its present state of being Europe’s primary financial district. It, however, represents a tiny part of the wider metropolis of Greater London. When you visit London then you can go to hotels on bayswater road London near Hyde Park and explore the history. This hotel is pretty historic in itself with its old world charm and air of aristocracy. A must stay on your visit to London.

The historic buildings in London
My all-time favorite touristy spot is Jazzman Court, simply north of London and originally the house of Henry the Eighth and his wives. The expansive grounds are surrounded by lovely gardens, and a typically English tea parlor. The Historic buildings still house a number of Henry’s original furnishings, paintings and therefore the luxury of the time. For those of you who like a bit of spook, you must enter the corridor where Anne Boleyn’s Ghost is said to still walk the hallways along with her head underneath her arm!

Sailors and ocean enthusiasts will love this! Nelson’s flagship HMS ending rests within the Portsmouth waterfront. Having been within the WRNS (Womens’ Royal Navy) you will surely be enthralled with the historic ship! All the decks area unit painted red to hide up any blood lost by the crew throughout battles – a little crazy, one should think! The whole ship seems to have been created for teenagers because the bunk beds and eating tables and chairs area unit are somewhat kid size. The explanation behind this was that the typical height of men within the days of Lord Nelson was between 4- five feet, that are practically dwarves by today’s standards. You can visit other historic places such as the stone in Eire, or the Llangollen Music competition in Wales.

Also, don’t forget to get a glimpse of modern day history with the dynamic Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace. You can also visit the Tower of London and drool over the Royal Jewels on display, the world famous London Eye, St Pauls’ Cathedral, the State Rooms, SoHo, and some wonderful theatrical performances at Piccadilly Circus. If theatre is something you enjoy, you must visit The Globe, one of the first theatres to be built in London, and it is said that it was co owned by the great Shakespeare himself! Though the original got burnt in 1613, it got its latest version in the 90s and still showcases the Bard’s most famous productions.

Some of the most famous streets in London, Oxford Street and Regent Street are worth a visit as well. Take a peek into Harrods or Selfridges for world class merchandise or stop by the market stalls at Petty Coat Lane were you’ll get bargains galore. And when talking about Britain’s history, how can we leave out food! Fish and Chips wrapped in a newspaper, and afternoon strawberry& cream, teas with scones are still implanted as part of the culture. You can also take one of the numerous escorted tours where you can see your favorite sights at leisure.

If you choose to drive on your own, keep in mind that the Brits drive on the opposite facet of the road, therefore it will be little alarming as there quite a lot of narrow by-lanes and the highways are also super busy. Public Transportation such as trains, buses, and the Tube are a good option to wander throughout Britain without fear regarding the driving and parking.

How to get to London?
Great Britain is very easily accessible from any place with the world, the most popular airports being Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Dublin. There are regular flights to Heathrow, from all over the world, and from there you can take the Heathrow Express, the fastest link to Central London from the airport. Alternatively, you can also take any of the non-stop trains that go to Paddington, every 15 minutes. The maximum time you will take is about 20 minutes from each terminal. A cool fact for those looking to delve deeper in the history of London – it got its famous Underground Railway as early as 1862!

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