Visiting Where Time Begins in Greenwich England

London is one among the most developed cities of the world, Most of us complaint about the traffic and the time that we waste while commuting. However, London is a step ahead. There are public buses, Tube Stations, private cabs and the cruise. If you want to experience London from a different perspective, the best way is to opt for cruises.

Greenwich is a historic site and it is the place where east meets west. Be at the Tower Millennium Port and board the cruise. You will exactly take 30 minutes to reach your destination. The entire journey is worth the experience as you will get to see the tall  and modern buildings, the calm water of River Thames and of course a peaceful time. Greenwich is a Royal Borough of London. It has a rich history such that it is mentioned in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. birthplace of  Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I . were all born here.

There is a twin-domed Old Royal Naval College which is remarkable. It was earlier a hospital in the 17th century and only in 1800 did it get converted into a college.It is a training centre for the naval sciences officers. Most of the peace is occupied by the University of Greenwich. Cutty Sark is  the 19th century sailing ship and was the last surviving tea clipper.  The ship  is also a memorial to those in the Merchant Navy who were killed in the wars. If you want to know about the ancient thing, you can visit the museum underneath. You can also talk to the crew members and know their experiences.

How about visiting to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel? It is a  round, red-brick structure with a glass dome. It serves as an entrance and the pedestrians can use the tunnel to reach to the other side of the tunnel from River Thames. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel was built in 1902 so that the workers can commute to both river banks.

London is slightly expensive, hence one has to plan a budget accordingly. The Marble Arch By Montcalm London is a luxury hotel which is recommended by most of the tourists.  It is centrally connected to the city, hence public transport is easily available, thereby saving time and money. One can use Tubes to commute to different venues. The services offered at The Marble Arch By Montcalm London swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, housekeeping, dry-cleaning, complimentary wifi, air-conditioned rooms, minibar, beverage vending machines, currency exchange, ATM machines, free parking, lounge bar and lots more. The rooms are well ventilated and spacious, full of modern amenities.  One can book the rooms online.  Pay the deposit amount to confirm the bookings. Pets aren’t allowed in the premises. There is an exclusive smoking zone for the smokers. The lounge bar can be used for an evening coffee or just for some quality time. There is an in-house restaurant where deliciou food is being prepared by the chef. No longer the guests have to waste time in hunting for some good food. The food can be ordered at anytime. The bar is the best time to spend your evenings.

The best way to relax is to be the parks. The entry is free and there are no restrictions on the visit duration. The Greenwich Park is London’s oldest enclosed royal park which is vast enough to explore.  It was once used as a hunting ground. This place is usually crowded, but you will surely find the place to becalm irrespective of the crowd. There are open fields everywhere.

The  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the world’s time and was established in 1884.. It also talks about the placement of longitude and latitude of each country. The Prime Meridian courtyard  shows the eastern and Western Hemispheres marked by the famous Greenwich Meridian Line on the ground.

There are many other tourist spots in Greenwich. There are museums around Greenwich. The National Maritime Museum is the world’s largest maritime museum. You will definitely find it worth visiting as there are great exhibits. The Children’s gallery is very informative. The Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle is a replica of Lord Horatio Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory where he died. It had 80 cannons and 37 colorful sails which were inspired by vibrant Indonesian batiks.

Thus, Greenwich is an amazing place to visit. There are many cruises that will take you to the venue. There are companies that offers the ride. You can plan a round way trip. The museums closes by 5.00 pm, hence plan your visit accordingly. There are several things to try for the first timers. All you can do is check out the Greenwich website and find out all about their activities.

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