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London city holds great importance for travellers coming either for leisure or for business purposes. It is quite a tourist friendly destination in terms of entertainment, transport, shopping and of course hotel accommodations. The capital city is such a destination where you feel like coming back for a holiday even if you have visited the city several times before. However, every year thousands of tourists travel to the city for a family vacation. Those travelling for the first time need not worry. There are several tourist information centres to help you with all your queries.

London’s local information centres are extremely helpful in providing you all sorts of information. First time travellers can expect detailed and updated information about anything and everything. These centres even offer help related to accommodations and other tour bookings and shall guide you all through.

Some people might think that the city is a little confusing in terms of routes and transportation etc. But, you can expect proper guidance including maps, information and related travel advice from these visitor information desks. Friendly staff and expert advisors can help you out with several things. Although it’s convenient to get all information online but, still there are times when actual presence of an expert is necessary. There is only one official Tourist Information Centre (TIC) which is ideally situated opposite to St Paul’s Cathedral in Central London.

Tour Guidance and Attractions:

London has always been a popular destination in terms of breathtaking attractions and great royal culture. First timers to the city often carry a long list of must visit attractions with them in the city. Madame Tussauds is one such fascinating place and is a must visit for every vacationer. Do you want to avail priority entrance tickets to attractions like Kensington Palace, Madame Tussauds and The Shard etc? This is the time when you can actually go and ask these information centres in London. A visitor can expect all information from Madame Tussauds tourist guide to tickets to London Dungeon and even Hampton Court Palace etc.

Get London Pass from Here:

Tourists shall discover the joy of sightseeing with a London Pass. The pass allows you to have the benefit of visiting 55 world famous sites within the city. Fast track entry with this pass shall save you lot of time by skipping long queues. It’s not only this that you can enjoy absolutely free entry to the splendid London attractions but, can avail heavy discounts at premium shops and restaurants within the capital city.

Sightseeing tours is yet another facility which tourists can take advantage of from the tourist information centres. Open top bus tours are considered as the best way to travel around the city. These original bus tours shall make you witness the magical experience with live commentary. These centres can provide you with discounted tickets for these open-top bus tours. These tours are operated by Original London Sightseeing Tours and Big Bus.

London Transport Travel Information Centre:

Tubes are considered as the lifeline of London’s transport system. Tourists travelling either for business or for a vacation must get acquainted with city’s transport system to ease their travel a bit. This could be done in a hassle free way at London’s transport information centres. These centres shall answer all your travel related queries. These specialised centres help visitors in many ways.

As far as transport visitor information centres are concerned, there are in total 4 in Central London and 1 is located at the Heathrow airport. The 4 information centres are at:

  • Piccadilly Circus underground station
  • Victoria train station
  • King’s Cross St Pancras underground station
  • Liverpool St underground station
  • At Heathrow airport terminals 1,2 and 3 underground station

If we talk about staying in the city, hotels in piccadilly London is a good option. Moreover, while staying here it shall be easier to reach to Piccadilly Circus underground station where the transport travel information centre is.

Mostly all these travel desks feature multi-lingual and friendly staff. Thus, tourists coming in from anywhere from the world shall be attended well by them. Being friendly is one thing and it actually maters a lot to someone stepping into the city for the first time.

So, for all those who are planning to visit the city as a first timer need not worry. These expert advisors are there to help you with:

  • Deciding on and purchasing the right ticket.
  • Quick access to some of the city’s famous tourist attractions by providing fast-track admission tickets.
  • Advice and reservations for coach and rail tours.
  • Accessibility guidance
  • Last but not the least booking and information of Gatwick express and Heathrow and other Southern train services.

Even if you are carrying a well planned itinerary with you as a vacation traveller, you can still pick up free maps and brochures. Moreover, the option to purchase a guide book is always there. It will not only guide you as a visitor but, even makes you aware of what all prime attractions you can visit.

All these information centres have different opening hours from Monday to Sunday. Before visiting one you must check the timings to avoid any sort of disappointment. We hope that now no-one is travelling to the city without knowing anything about it. If still there is some confusion, catch up with help from these visitor and travel information centres. These trained tourism professionals will offer free advice and help.

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