Walking and Cycling in Hammersmith and Fulham

Located inWest London, just a short distance from the banks of the River Thames, it is entirely possible to explore the areas of Hammersmith and Fulham either on foot or by bike.  There are a number self-guided walks you can download and use on the day, or you could just see where your feet lead you.  If you fancy using a bicycle to get around then you will be pleased to know that there are 12 docking stations across Hammersmith for Boris Bikes; bikes which you can hire for as long as you need them before returning them to the nearest docking station to your end point.

There are a number of different websites you could head to if you wanted to download a specific cycling or walking route but it’s worth bearing in mind that there are lots of great attractions to see and do in the area so even if you had no particular route in mind, you are still almost guaranteed to discover something of interest on your journey.

For example, a number of cycle routes start at Holland Park near Shepherd’s Bush and pass south through Hammersmith towards the River Thames.  This would be a great route to follow if you were staying in one of the West London Hotels asHollandPark is very easy to access via public transport. HollandPark itself is worth discovering by bike or on foot and has a number of scenic points which can be enjoyed from woodland to theKyotoJapaneseGarden.  Other points of interest on this route would include theDesignMuseum, the Olympia Exhibition Centre and of course, theThames itself.

Once by the River Thames it would easy to simply join the Thames Path and head in towards central London; your route would take you past attractions such as Bishop’s Park, Craven Cottage, and BatterseaPark.  It would be quite a long journey on foot but if you were cycling then you should find it fairly straightforward and, of course, cycling gives you more access to come away from the banks of the Thames to explore anything else which might take your fancy such as Brompton Cemetery, the WWT London Wetland Centre and the Saatchi Gallery to name a few.  Hammersmith is so well connected to London’s public transport that if you reached central London and decided you didn’t want to cycle back, you should easily be able to pick up the tube or bus and return to your hotel, perhaps the LUMA CONCEPT HOTEL LONDON.

Alternatively, you could choose to head away from Central London and out towards the parts of the city which are further afield such asKewGardens,OsterleyParkand House andRichmond.  Again, there are many online cycle routes available online which you could either download to your smart phone or print out for ease of reference.

If you were planning on hiring bikes and cycling aroundLondonthen it is always worth going online and seeing recommend routes by people who have experience cycling throughLondon; this should help to prevent any major issues and ensure that you have a straightforward and enjoyable ride.

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