Ways of Finding Cheap Food Options in London

London has the reputation for being a great city that attracts the maximum number of tourists in the world. It is also famous for being one of the most expensive cities on this planet which increases the burden on visitors due to its strong currency. Despite this obvious disadvantage, the city is the most visited in the world. An essential element of the expenses that a visitor faces is the cost of having food which can be quite expensive if you have all your meals in high-end restaurants or in 5-star hotel restaurants. Some of these restaurants are Michelin-starred and rank among the top ones in the world. However the city, being visitor-friendly, also offers many other categories of restaurants and other eating places that cater to the needs of visitors having a slender budget. There are many such places that offer budget food but it is essential that you know where to find them.

Street Food

Like all cities of the world, London offers a plethora of street food options mostly in the form of food stalls spread all over the city, especially in the markets where other items are sold. These food stalls are probably the best options for people who wish to have reasonably-priced food while sightseeing in the city. Although the city has plenty of restaurants and cafes and other types of places to eat, the street food stalls have a charm of their own and serve tasty food. Some of these include Yu Kyu at Kerb that offers Japanese food such as crunchy panko-crumbed chicken breast and fragrant katsu curry sauce filled in a burger bun that produces a fantastic taste as also their Curry Katsu Sandwich. Another location is Brockley Market and Whitecross Street where Luardos serves a big, fat burrito stuffed with flavour. It offers a fantastic food fiesta with their best offering being Chipotle brisket burrito.

The other street food stalls that deserve a mention include Butchies at Broadway Market which is a fried chicken joint; BBQ Dreamz at Kerb street food markets and Broadway Market School Yard on Saturdays which is a Filipino barbecue connoisseur that serves signature skewers that are cooked to taste and served with a spicy cane vinegar; Hot Mess at Rupert Street Market on Fridays that serves delicious food such as the classic Canadian dish poutine; Deeney’s at St Katherine Docks on Fridays, at Broadway Market on Saturdays and Chatsworth Road on Sunday which serves Scottish specialities; Kappacasein at Borough Market, Thursday-Saturday that serves very tasty cheese toasties; The Bowler at Kerb, Brockley Market that serves balls which are massive, meaty and saucy; and Moen’s Hog Roast at Venn Street Market on Saturdays that serves a popular hog roast on Saturdays in the nearby food market.

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A Variety of World Cuisines: One of the best aspects of London is that it offers food from all parts of the world and you can taste all types of cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican and Middle Eastern food. There are many small restaurants that offer a two-course meal for about £10 per person, without alcohol.

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Food Deals: Most restaurants near famous theatres in the West End and at other places offer pre-theatre deals so that people going for a show can do so, on a full stomach. The deals are quite attractive but it is necessary to eat early in the evening between 5:30 and 7:30pm. If you are around the theatre area, you can take advantage and have a cheap but delicious meal.

Eat at a Supermarket: Special meal deals are offered at most supermarkets for their customers. These consist of various items but you can have a sandwich, some fruit and a soft drink for just £3. They also offer ready-to-eat food that you can pick up and heat it up at your hotel if that facility is available. Marks & Spencer offers delicious ready meals that are quite cheap.

Traditional English breakfast: Most hotels offer a traditional English breakfast that is included in the room rent. It is quite filling and it enables a guest to carry on till the evening without bothering about having lunch. If your hotel does not offer this facility, you can always find a café near the hotel that will offer a sumptuous breakfast that won’t cost you more than £6. Such a breakfast is available at all times of the day.

Soft Launches: If a restaurant makes its debut in the food market, it offers discounted prices so that the public can test its menu and if they like the food they would become permanent customers. Such soft launches are often at 50% discounted prices and offer a great opportunity for visitors to save on their food cost. You can look for such offers on hot-dinners.com or find them by searching Twitter.

Chain Restaurants: Although these restaurants are more expensive than street food stalls, they offer great food and prove to be affordable if you have some type of discount voucher. You can check out  for pizza and pasta at Prezzo, Zizzi, Pizza Express, Strada and Ask Italian; Burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron; European food at Leon; Vietnamese food at Pho; Asian food at Wagamama, Banana Tree and Busaba Eathai; Family-friendly international food at Giraffe; French food at Cote Restaurant and Café Rouge and Portuguese-style chicken at Nandos.

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