Ways To Make Your Hotel Website More Attractive

Having a website for any business is no longer optional but rather a necessity. This is all the more significant in the hospitality industry, which needs to have an online platform that offers access to customers from across the world.

A few ways by which you could go ahead and have a world class website are as follows:

Must feature a hotel booking engine for website:

It is necessary to have a booking engine available at your site. Reservations made are in real time and directly booked on site. This is one area not to miss when you are in the hotel business or travel industry.

Standard rates:

When you decide the price for your hotel rooms these should be standard on a variety of booking channels. All of these marketing channels including OTAs must be integrated with your booking engine. All you need to do is have a channel manager installed in your site and it will have everything automated.

Must show accurate availability:

While having multiple marketing channels is great the thing that has to be kept in mind, is that each one of them must have real time availability. This prevents overbooking and causing customer dissatisfaction. While it may seem simple this could pose a few challenges if real time availability is not functioning.

Has to be mobile friendly:

In an increasingly mobile driven world, with smart phones dominating online ecommerce, your website must be mobile friendly! Apart from working well on smart-phones it must be optimised equally well to work on a variety of mobile devices like tablets. Also having a mobile app is great way to stay connected with customers and makes it easy for them to make online reservations.

It should be secure:

In a world where hackers can prove to be a major embarrassment for any business, your website must be adequately protected with the necessary security protocols, including the highest levels of encryption. This will instil confidence in those making online bookings and they can be certain that all their details are completely secure. This will make it more appealing for guests to make bookings on your property.

Top quality:

Only use the services of a top notch professional web designer to create a website for your hotel. Anything else will lead to a shoddily created website that drives away rather than attract visitors. Your website is the public face of your hotel and it should look elegant and appealing. The better the quality of website and the more user friendly the better is will bring in online traffic.

Ask users to share their experiences:

Whenever you have a website created it should contain a section for guests and visitors at your property, to share their experiences of staying in your hotel. When you offer top quality services and excellent customer care you will get a slew of positive reviews for your hotel. This makes you more trustworthy with prospective guests who will be interested in staying at your hotel.

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