Weird yet funny things to do in London

London sightseeing is what is there on everyone’s mind when it comes to vacationing or visiting London for personal or official work, but at times their plenty of places around in London to explore.  However, there are some peculiar places to make a visit at least for the first time.

London Bridge Experience and Tombs
This is one of the strangest yet a fun part to be in the London bridge tour, this is a very peculiar way of choosing to spend the whole day at the scariest of all locations. The strangest part of this place is that it depicts the spine chilling truth about this city whoever is interested in this tour has to have a heart of stone to be a part of this gruesome history of London. This place takes you back to those times of the history which is unknown to the world, although it is educative yet thrilling to be a part of the same secondly all this and more is possible because of the fantastic actors who make it feasible. At first just as you enter this tour you are as good as unaware of the whole thing you might have gathered information and feel equipped, but let me remind you the experience is thrilling it cannot make up for your knowledge.  This is an exploration trial of more than two thousand years in the past and even you cannot believe how the London bridge has gone through a lot of reconstruction to give you value for your money. Suddenly you will come face to face to a tribe which makes you feel quite out of place needless to say you might feel so dumbstruck and then suddenly you are armed and you join the army to overtake none other than the fabulous Roman army. It takes time to sink in those details after a while you might meet a very interesting character. Jack the Ripper is a story teller you are ushered in the pub and you have your first sip and there you are stuck in the middle by those stories he is pelting out. The scariest part is when you the keeper of head an executioner who is searching for his next victim while he is midway in dispatching the deceased’s body parts to various parts of the country. There is a first-hand experience of how the great fire of London has engulfed the whole city in flames and how it impacted many thousands of lives and households. The pleasure of torture does not end here just as you are coming to the end of this beautiful trail you are taking the place of tombs. An enthralling place to be in my must people who have gone once, they often opt to go many more times it is that addictive similar thing happened to a few of my friends who live in the park lane hotel and Montcalm hotel London whenever they visited the city next time they gave in to this tour.

James Smith & Sons
If you are lurking around the Regent street in the west end part of London then you can be at the famous James Smith and Sons, the history of this peculiar place dates back to the eighteenth century times when the gentleman named Mr. Smith would take to mending the umbrella in their back office and giving it away to the people at the front counter. The famous fox frames, which are known for its light weight are being utilised by Mr. Smith during the middle of the eighteenth century, it was during those times we had a very progressive business men with sharp business acumen in Mr Smith. As of today the place is a Umbrella library, you might not be able to think about the same and you creativity might get stuck but the umbrellas come in various shapes and sizes. There are many varieties for gentlemen and an equivalent variety for ladies also, along with that they also sell walking sticks for the old men and ladies  it might sound a lot off beat and you might shirk it, but then it is more like possessing a trophy from the smith’s , the design and style are absolutely stunning . There is a unique amongst them that is the sea stick that is available at the stores and then there are gifts and accessories to be presented for your loved ones.

Junkyard Golf
A complete day out at the Junkyard that’s how one should plan a visit at the Junkyard golf, this has added a whole new meaning to things as this is set up in a bizarre ambience. As you make your choice for London there are three nine whole courses to select from which is the most intriguing part of the whole idea and they have been names as Frank which is the first course it directs to Putt up or Shut up, the second is Pedro also understood as the Polluted Paradise and the last is the Helga which is In the club.  There is a weird combination of spa areas with swimming pools and there are ultra violet lighting s=done in the area with speeding boats whizzing past you something unlike a traditional golf course but that’s the  weirdest as well as the most interesting part. The bar area is absolutely crazy they serve you drinks, which are name obnoxiously and you might feel a little shy in calling up for your drinks, or feel hilarious when they are served to you the names are something like  Who’s you caddy and Golf Lundgren . The place also caters to the refreshment needs of both the players as well as the onlookers at their very own legendary street food corner. All you need to do s book a place for yourself or you and your friends I can bet it will be a fun time you almost had lately.

These weird places might really sound an offbeat idea in the first place, but then it is worth trying that can be promised.

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