Weirdest Things to See in London for a Tourist

As far as London tourism is concerned there are no ifs and buts. This is one of the most amazingly beautiful and captivating cities of all that many people are mesmerized by its charm thus; wish to travel to the city once. As statistics even show London is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. Every year plenty of visitors travel here for a vacation or for work.

The best question to any traveler coming to London you would like to put that what all things you have seen so far in London? To this you can expect the same answer as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and London Eye etc. Every traveler coming to the city will surely do these things, however there is one reality too to this side. Travelers often experience some weirdest things here in London city.

Although, the United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries still there are countless things that tourist find weird and unusual. Some visitors might notice certain things which are not usual for them.

Few such things are listed below:

Pop-up Urinals
Yes, it may sound weird, but is actually a fact. You never know the street over which you were walking in the morning might turn into a toilet at night. At around evening time the pavement slowly begin to rise out of the ground and once they reach their full height above from the ground level you will actually come to know what exactly it is. Yes, they are 6 foot tall urinals made of stainless steel.

To the best of your knowledge this concept of pop-up urinals emerged in order to prevent people from urinating in the street and it is just an acceptable alternative which is being provided to them. Such a concept has made the city famous. This is majorly for those who love to party all night or those who wish to visit famous pubs in London. So, if you find something coming out of the ground then don’t be scared as it will be for your convenience only.

No Difference between London and United States
Though, the two places are poles apart but, still somehow tourists coming to London feel that the capital city of England is quite similar to many cities in the USA. Many people thing that what it is like to live in the US will be just like as what it is to live in London. Sometimes, for a tourist a feeling may arise that he is standing right in Times Square. Courtesy to all billboards, plenty of advertisements, lots of candy shops and various dressing styles. However, if we look at the concept of globalization today so it will not be that surprising if a tourist thinks in this manner. Originally the United States was settled as a British colony so it is natural that they get some similarities if not all. Just because they have shared the same history and culture being similar to some extent is acceptable.

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Plenty of Indian Restaurants
Seeing so many Indian restaurants in London is a little unusual for some especially for travelers coming from extreme far off places. Though, it is not a big deal as Indian cuisines and spices are famous all over the world. The love of Indian food has always been there in the hearts of people staying there.

The quality of British food is no less, but the charm of Indian food is completely different. British people themselves are quite fond of Indian food and thus Indian restaurants.

A Simple Answer “Fine”
People here follow a single act of politeness as everything you question will be answered as “fine” in London. Strangely if in Britain you will ask someone as “How are you?” The answer that you will get is simply “fine”. That is their politest form of saying everything. In this country how are you means more of greeting than asking for a person’s well being. Every question you asked in the city will be answered with this only irrespective of your mood or weather etc.

Small Fruits
Another weirdest thing in the list to add is that you may find tourists talking about the quality and the size of the fruit in London. Visitors can be heard talking that here you will find lots and lots of tiny fruits. Some even noticed that the fruits here are twice as small as it is the USA. What else anyone could notice about the fruits as such. Many of these tiny fruits come from NON GMO farms and are naturally grown and ripen which is much healthier than we can think.

Such weird and unusual things not only make the city popular, but it increases the urge of a traveler to go and look for these too. Next time coming to London, one must not forget to notice these.

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