Welcome to London Dungeon – The Tyrant Boat Ride

London has a scary past and we know it. There are many travel enthusiasts who are unaware about the gory past of London and The London Dungeon is the key to all the secrets that they can unravel in that span they visit. On your way to London Bridge next to the railway station on Tooley Street we can find The London dungeons. Conceptualisation of the theme Park is to showcase the level and variety of tortures meted out to the prisoners in the medieval era. The description may not sound soothing, but that’s how this spot keeps the dark secrets alive in a satirical fashion.

Speciality of this show is it is 4dimensions or 4Dexperiences of the people who have come to watch it. The brief introduction above might have made you cross it out of the itinerary list, but then it is the most amazing experience you are going to have. Performances by live actors, the comic timing of these actors, water rides and the special effects are the experiences that make this show worth watching, the main crowd are the young audience who loves the thrill in here.

At an exhibition held for the tourists and travel enthusiasts at Park Grand London Hyde Park and the Park Grand London Paddington there was a documentary which ran for an hour to depict the conceptualisation for this show. The theatre dates back to 1976 when this piece of art was put in place to use the building as a museum to show or make people aware about the horrifying atrocities that mankind had to face. With the advent of time the place turned into a live theatre where actors are praised and remembered forsome amazing performances. For the sake of information this theme park is managed by the guys who look into Legoland, Madame Tussads and London Eye to name a few, thus underrating the experience here would be a mistake.

As you enter the Dungeon (the darkened underground prison) you are deported to the bottom of an abyss in the medieval lift, the lift rakes up noises as if its cogs and chains brushing across each other.As you feel jittery and get Goosebumps about the chainssnapping and you imagine that free fall down into that abyss, but behold nothing like thathappens, you just are having the right impression about that place. The moment you hit the bottom, you are greeted by none other than the leper, he is our lift man and also the narrator who keeps your hopes alive and addresses you as the traitor. Your journey to the suspenseful and rather bleakly lit place has just started and the sound of the Thames River gives you the creeps.

The tyrant boat ride is in itself a unique experience, it is a step up and gets scarier and darker as you are taken along and you meet the same fate as Anne Boleyn, who conspired against King Henry the VIII. The theorythatKing Henry’s loyalist the Black Jester takes the traitors (now the guests) on a boat along the Thames to the Tower of London. The way the whole scene has been dramatized leaves you with no option but to believe that you are being led to the place where you will eventually meet your fate. The setup is done in such a fashion that you are beheaded or made to fall from a height, by the king himself and you could see intense fog, darkness, foul smell of sewage and rodents to give you the exact experience of how it used to be when the traitors were put to task. The actor Brian Blessed appears as a 3D image, giving you that eerie feeling and the booming voice just tears your heart apart, be ready to get jolted by that powerful and mean voice. The character of King Henry has been played well and his performance wins hands down.

There is a point when you are ripped apart, when you and your mates visit the ten bells pub and you enjoy that drink over the spooky stories. You feel it is more than the eye meets and bang jack the ripper scares the hell out of you, now that’s what you call a performance you would be amazed to see how beautifully they played their roles and made it a make believe incident which you can never move out of your head, it is a character to be remembered for lifetime.

The new twist that awaits this thriller is the Drop as they call this lovingly. In 17th century when there used to be a long drop that would be a much awaited moment for the crowd and they used to clap, cheer and whistle. It was more of a spectator sport rather than a mourning site, the same has been setup here when the people go through this fall it scares the hell out you. As your turn comes get ready to face the noose and hear the crowd cheer, it feels you are going to be dead and then comes this fall and out of nowhere you are falling free to the gravity. It seems endless but in reality it is just a1.4 metres of drop.

Last but not the least get ready for the Victorian experience of a pub, here you are offered a beer, a gin cocktail or a lemonade prepared in the fancy style. The pub has rows of stools and tables and you are taken on a tour of this place by the waiter and it is a make believe arrangement and finally you see the lady bartender giving you your favourite drink you asked for.There are stories gossips and scandalous talks , it will feel as if you have been deported to the 18th century , it certainly feels so English, you can’t help but the imprint of this visit stays with you for the rest of your life.


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