West End London

In fact the whole of London gives you options for sightseeing or spend some me time or have fun, but when it comes to this part of London it feels awesome. There are festivals, events and just about a regular air this part of the city has a lot to offer.

London’s Pride Parade
An incredible affair on the streets of the London where the LGBT community come together to show their solidarity , it is an event which is a parade and people from all walks of life, whether they know each other or they are your family or friends they come in groups to be a part of this Pride parade. This is one of the biggest event and the organisers make use of this time to go ahead and give huge discounts on places that fall in the line of the parade. Colourful scenes, meet your eyes people are in various shades some wearing graffiti and some wearing masques few holding a favourite punch line to surprise you. There are bands and there are performances and you see people swaying to the tunes of it a very big event in itself in case if you happen to  plan your trip during the time be a part of this madness.

Harry Potter play
People have been bowled over by the Potter antics and J K Rowling has won many a hearts, but then this year as the brand new story hits the theatres it is going to be a mad rush for Harry Potter fans, it takes ones creativity to imagine while reading, but then in a play all the credit goes to the actors and actresses and it would be great fun to watch it come alive. My friends who have their bookings done for London and who have reserved their stay at the Piccadilly London West End  are thrilled to book their seats for the play and they don’t want to miss the fun either.

Ealing Half Marathon
Running is a challenge in the first few days, but if you are invited to showcase your skills in the Ealing Marathon it is enough inspiring to pull up your socks. This event is voted as one of the best and it not a complete marathon, but a half marathon, which is for a distance of thirteen miles and the route it takes covers places like the Pitshanger, Hanwell, Montpelier Central Ealing and St. Stephen’s out an out a very nice route. The highlight of this event is that you may be able to hobnob with the who’s who of the London city so instead of shying away from this event, it is better to challenge yourself and who knows you might win it for the good part of it.

Taste of London in Regent’s Park
This three day affair with food is one of the best and you name it and people from different parts of the city huddle up to be a part of this event, it is organized every year without fail. This event is organized in the Regent Park are and the organizers have set aside three days for this event to reach fruition. The place is aromatic and you are drawn by a variety of smells, the chef and restaurant put their best foot forward to cater to the crowd and some real best culinary delights are prepared. The menu is extensive and unheard of there is a lot of fusion and goodness that makes it even more special. There are cooking demonstrations that are the highlight of this festival where you can watch the chef cook and salivate to your hearts content. Some of the interactive classes are a super hit with the crowd there are also drinks served to the guests, it is a paradise for the food lovers. Many arrangements are made for people to sit and enjoy good food the ambience is just superb.

Hire Boris Bike
One of the best ways to explore is on your own and in case you have a bike to pedal your way through the London streets you save a lot of time, money and maintain your health. The Boris bikes of London are a hit with the localities as well as the travelers, rent a bike for yourself, stick to the map and explore the city on your own. Who knows you might make new friends or end up seeing something spectacular. At times who knows a Bollywood star can be spotted riding those Boris bikes for a change.

Hanwell Hootie Festival
There is a way of recreating the magic with music and Hanwell’s are the best host while it is the Hanwell week all the pubs or bars or live music counters feel alive once again. The festival brings together close to forty five bands that play in different spots of the city and the best part is all of them belong to a completely different genre. You walk on the streets of the Hanwell and if you find being welcomed at the joints as a band is playing rejoice the chance get a drink there and join the cheer as this is the same state in every pub across the street.

Picnic at Royal Parks
There are plenty of Parks in the West London area there is Kew Gardens a botanical garden, then there is the Parson’s Green and their layout is from vast to mid-sized to a smaller area, but then in case the weather gods are happy with you maybe you stand a chance to arrange for an outdoor picnic in one of these parks. Very often London hotels near Hyde park have guests who pack their paraphernalia get some food packed from the closest bakery and enjoy having it there in these Royal parks a nice way of exploring these beautiful expanses. This is a perfect way to engage the complete family as the kids get a chance to play around while the adults can chit chat or play some games, it gushes back those sweet memories of our childhood.

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