West London’s best cafes and tea houses

The west London part of the city is a niche for those who believe in culture, some good time spent talking over the beautiful things of life and time well spent to catch up at a posh restaurant. In case you think this part of the London responds to intelligent talking or hippie culture you are highly mistaken. This culture, popular with the niche crowd putting up here is famously strewn all over the cafes and hang out in and around the west London area. Some of the best known and handpicked places that surely need to be seen are as follows:

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The affluent crowd mingles up at this place called the Barossa, this café is owned by an Australian and is open to many of the rich high class societal people who like to hobnob with the crowd here. The place caters to all strata’s of society, it could be somebody young in their teens, or old retired and people who look forward to spend some quality time with their friends, perhaps anybody and everybody stands welcomed. For all they know they have to qualify for is a taste for good beans that is all it takes for them to show up here. The beans from the Caravan Roastery which is then ground to pelt out delicious coffee served with the most hospitable staff that cares for you. The area which divides into frontal space a smaller area where people usually lounge out and the area at the back is basically for luncheon crowd. The place is a super hit with the brunch dishes which are equally exotic and delicious and greatly complements the freshly brewed coffee.

The Elgin

The pub turned café is riotous, not that it scares you, but for the fact that the moment you make your way inside you so know it is a pub, the look, feel interiors all direct to the same thing, but that used to be a thing of the past. This café earns its reputation because of the Coleman coffee beans and the highlight of this place is the fact this is run by some detail oriented, knowledgeable, highly smart baristas who put their heart and soul to bring the best coffee to your table. The espressos here are a hit and of course the music also rocks it just sets the tempo, in one corner it still hasn’t shed off its image of the classic pub it used to be as they say the legacy carries on.

Lowry and Baker

Among a few of the list of restaurants west end London the Lowry and Baker is an affectionate shop on the Portbello Road. Some of the London west end hotel deals will direct you here as this newly opened café to enjoy what it has to offer you that is the mismatched crockery, freshly brewed coffee and the personal staff who care for you like you are a member of the family. The highlights of this place keeps you hooked you cannot go wrong while ordering for blueberry cheesecake, sandwiches and banana bread something people would not want to miss while they are here.

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