What to do in London in a hurry

There’s tons of things to do and places to explore in London. And too many options entails a possibility of getting muddled about things to choose from so here’s a conclusive list of things you could do when you are in a hurry that hold the very essence of the city and can make a very satisfactory itinerary to follow. The city has some amazing theatres and performance venues for performing art lovers and a night life that makes the trip very memorable. But when you are limited by time then it becomes quite daunting to try and do everything in such a short span. So taking bits and pieces of everything that makes London so fabulous is a great idea! Here’s how you can explore the entire city without worrying about the nitty-gritties of the trip.

If you are looking for a place to stay then the Grand Royale London Hotel in Hyde park offers some great facilities along with their cozy and plush rooms like free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Since it is situated in Central London it won’t be very difficult to commute to various parts of the city, it is connected with the help of buses as well as trains.

London hosts some enthralling theatre performances and if you are a theatre buff you can’t possibly give these shows a miss. The West End is the place for you since it hosts all the major productions and narrowing down a show or two according to your preferences would be a good thing. You could also explore the city’s fringe theatre venues. These are not only cost effective but also introduce you to the city’s hidden talent.

Apart from theatre the city hosts some popular sports matches, it is a hub for top class soccer, cricket, tennis and rugby. The most played sport is soccer with jam packed stadiums almost every week after week. So soccer fans will have to buy tickets well in advance if you want good seats. Don’t fret if you can’t manage this, there are online agencies in place that organize package tours to these games including travel. So soccer and sports fans can find a great place to hang out and rejoice in these stadiums and see their favorite sports stars live!

They say that London’s best and most authentic food is exported into the city and it is true to a certain extent. The most popular area in the city for authentic and great food is the Brick Lane which is located in London’s East End. There are a lot of Bangladeshi and Indian eateries popping up in this area . If you’d like to try some European cuisine then it also has some Italian restaurants like Little Italy which provides a fine dining experience and an exceptional wine list. For Chinese food you must head to China Town which guarantees great mouthwatering and spicy dishes and for some soulful Vietnamese Shoreditch is the place!

After a good meal a very healthy thing to do is to take a nice evening walk with your date and we have just the right location for you. South Bank is a popular date venue and is one of the most vibrant and distinctive landmarks of London. It also resonates a strong aura of romance that invites too many couples to spend some quality time in this place. It’s glorious  architectural beauty and breezy venues will steal your breath away. The key attractions of South Bank are London Eye Ferris Wheel, the Tate Modern museum, the Royal Festival Hall and London Aquarium. In the past few years South Bank has turned into a commercial and central district in Central London but it has existed since the past 100 years. It has tons of shopping centres and places to drink and eat. Our recommendation is to check out the Chino Latino Bar and restaurant which offers some delicious Pan-Asian cuisine and has a great ambience. For some authentic and fantastic French cuisine you should head to Brasserie Blanc which claims to offer the freshest seasonal ingredients. Beer lovers can also find their personal paradise by visiting the South Bank Centre Square canteen which celebrates the best of British Beers. Dandelyan offers a variety of drinks and a plush ambience which is a treat for everyone. Another place that you will love in South Bank is Penny, the name emerged back in 1882 when a series of lectures were hosted in the Old Vic promoting novel ideas and thinking. Now in a more contemporary set up the place has now transformed into an all-day café and late night bar. It also serves the best coffee so caffeine lovers can relax and sip as many cups as they need. It also has a quaint theatre which donates pennies for each item based on the themes of their major shows from time to time.

London loves the colors red. If you wish to explore the night life of London you need to know that most areas in London are vibrant and full of life by night but you need to choose the vibe that you’re going for which differs from each area. For a Bohemian and Grungy place you should explore Camden Town. Shoreditch is arty and hip! Soho and West End are also quite hip and contemporary. Central London is dominated by chain bars and Angel is colorful and boisterous.

Hope this list helps in making your tour a wonderful experience, with some fun packed in the form of theatre, parties and last but not the least an adrenaline infusing soccer match to watch and enjoy!

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