What to do when the spa treatment is going all wrong

Spas are meant to make your body feel relaxed but at times things can go really wrong thereby making you feel run away leaving the entire set up behind you. There are several ways in which a spa can go really wrong. Your esthetician may not be experienced enough or the massage can hurt you or even the ambiance might be dirtier or lack proper sanitary discipline. It is absolutely out of your and when things go really wrong with you in a spa but you need to be well aware of what all could be done once a spa treatment gets bad. Although you cannot really help things from going wrong but after experiencing a bad spa therapy, there are certain things which you can surely go ahead with. This way you can help others in the scene from facing the similar troubles. This is all about making others knowledgeable about how things can get bad and what to do next as a follow up measure.

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Most of the estheticians look forward to give you with a quality treatment and for this they need some adjustments which need to be done during the treatment. Since you are new to him and he or she does not really know you that well, the first meeting should always be about informing him or her about all what you desire to have in the process. If you wish the therapy room to be quiet and calm then the therapist will not bother you with endless conversations. Here is a list of instances which can surely be taken into consideration while handling a situation.

•    If you do not like the intensity of the pressure of if the pressure is too much to handle by your skin then it is always better to inform the therapist to check back the intensity of the pressure and adjust it as per your skin requirements. At times the pressure gets too much or too little for the body to handle and this must be adjusted then and there so that you do not have to suffer for the sheer negligence from the end of the therapist. Things duly get sorted out if you keep communicating with your esthetician thereby letting him or her know about your requirements.
•    Occasionally the speaker volume of the music cannot be controlled in the treatment room, hence it is better to switch it off if in case you do not like the music or the volume is too loud for you to relax and enjoy the massage.
•    If you are feeling extremely cold then also it is better for informing the therapist about the temperature conditions so that he or she can put on an extra blanket on you. If the temperature gets too hot then the therapist will surely turn off the heat pad on the table thereby letting you feel more comfortable.
•    As already mentioned, if the therapist keeps on talking on issues which you lack interest in then it is important to let her know that you wish to relax in a quiet ambiance so that the therapist stops bothering you with his or her conversations.
•    If in case you are duly satisfied with the products that you have been using and do not wish to change them any time soon then make sure to uprightly inform your esthetician not to give you any sales pitch as you are happily satisfied with all your products.
•    If in case you are not too much comfortable with the intensity of the extractions then make sure to inform your therapist about it and ask him or her to be gentle with you during the extractions.

Well, the aforementioned points where things which can be done right at the moment when you are in the middle of experiencing the treatment. At times, things can go really bad and you cannot say anything right at that moment in order to correct things out.

For instance, if in case your therapist wakes you up three minutes after everyone has already left the relaxing lounge then it is not possible to correct the whole process. The therapist I ill experienced and it is clearly visible in his or her treatment. Thereby, you end up paying a huge amount of money for an inferior service. At times, the therapists may also leave you alone in a tub or even when a mask is on without offering you with some intense massage therapies on the neck, shoulder or even foot. After getting such awful treatments, you will definitely nor like to visit the salon or spa ever but it is always important to let the management know about your experiences. If in case it was a neighborhood day spa which is located at a close proximal distance from your house, you may not wish to visit the therapist ever again in your life but if it is a destination spa or a spa which is positioned in a luxury hotel, then it is always kind of important to inform the spa manager about your experiences. They are always in a better position to take necessary steps against the therapist or ay offer you with some kind of compensations for causing you inconveniences during the treatment or may also offer you with another complimentary treatment.

It is always quite unethical to make up stories for getting a free treatment. The manager will directly rebuke the therapist and he or she may lose the job also. Hence, make sure to inform the spa director or the manager about only what that has happened in the treatment room and not something else which is totally made up.

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