What type of afternoon tea is for you?

Afternoon tea has evolved tremendously since making its a way to the British culinary scene. While it is no doubt still enjoyed by Britons, it has managed to make its way to different parts of the globe, too. People of different backgrounds and nationalities enjoy this British tradition now, and we owe the popularity of traditional afternoon tea to the seventh Duchess of Bedford – Anna.


A brief history

In 1840 Anna would be served her dinner fashionably late, and while waiting for her dinner, she would grow hungry. In search of a solution to curb her hunger, the Duchess instructed her servants to serve her a hot cup of English tea with cucumber sandwiches. She would then invite her friends to dress up and come join her for tea. This social gathering later became an event for London ‘s social elite and things like scones with cream and jam we’re later introduced.

Fast forward to modern times, we have seen afternoon tea take on many forms. Here are some of the different afternoon teas that you can expect, and we will leave it up to you to decide which of them is best suited for you.


Traditional afternoon tea

Not all people prefer things to changes. Some traditionalists enjoy the sentiment of holding on to old ways in hope to preserve them for future generations. Luckily, not all is lost when it comes to enjoying afternoon tea in London. There are several establishments in the city that serve afternoon tea just the way Duchess Anna intended. Put on your Sunday best and head to Hotel Inverness Terrace in Bayswater and enjoy traditional afternoon tea.

Set in a Victorian setting, you will be welcomed to an elegantly designed space with delicately prepared sandwiches and the most exquisite teas awaiting your arrival. Afternoon tea here is served from 1 pm – 5 pm at the cost of £35 for two people.


Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Some hotels in London have taken it up a notch. The Grand Royale London afternoon tea aims at satisfying every chocaholic’s sweet tooth craving. Yes, you are still expected to dress up for the occasion; however, along with the traditional favourites, you will also be treated to a chocolate feast like no other. Some of the treats you can expect include: chocolate scones served with chocolate sauce and clotted cream, chocolate swiss roll, cocoa flavoured French macarons, chicken brioche and other delicately prepared pastries. The chocolate afternoon tea will set you back 35 quid for two and if you add Prosecco to it then you can expect to pay £49 for two.


Indian afternoon tea

Indian food has been has played a major role in British cuisine, so much so that curry has become the national dish of London and there is even a special day dedicated to eating curry. For this reason, it should come as no surprise why Indian flavours have made their way into afternoon tea.

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