When in England, visit the First World War memorials

Following are the six most visited first world war memorials in England that should be on your list while visiting this country:

The Response, Newcastle: The memorial was unveiled in the year 1923 and was designed by Sir William Goscombe John. The st. Thoman church is the venue wherein this memorial stands proud in its gardens. The memorial depicts a group of figures carved in bronze that are marching ahead along with two drummer boys. The group also consists of friends, children and wife’s bidding farewell to their loved ones. This particular memorial is created this way to show the massing that took place in the year 1915 in April at the 5th Northumberland. They marched to the Central station through Newcastle down the Great North Road.

Hall of Memory, Birmingham: This structure was designed by W. Norman Twist and S.N. Cooke. 35,000 were wounded and 12,320 men and women were killed from Birmingham out of the 150,000 in the first world war. In the year 1920, a competition was carried out among the Birmingham architects. W. Norman Twist and S.N Cooke’s memorial design won the competition and hence The Hall of Memory came to be constructed. Public donations were made to incur the cost of the memorial, which cost around £60,000. The entire construction and design work was carried out by the craftsmen from Birmingham.

Port Sunlight War Memorial, Wirral: The memorial was unveiled in the year 1921 and was designed by the famous Sir William Goscombe John. The employees of Lever brothers who were soap manufacturers were housed in Port Sunlight Village. This is the place that is home to the war memorial. Six children, two women and three soldiers are made of bronze and are shown clustered around the bottom of a cross. In a melodramatic and powerful picture, the soldiers are displayed defending the children and women with the guns raised. This particular memorial structure makes a clear distinction among genders and their equal yet separate roles in the time of war. The entire scenario looks very emotional and realistic.

Guards Memorial, Horse Guard’s Parade: This memorial was sculpted by Gilbert Ledward and was designed by Harold Chalton Bradshaw. The first world war saw the assassination of around 14,000 Guardsmen who are depicted in this memorial. The initial design was inspired by the Garibaldi structure in Rome, which was created by Galloni. The structure represents the Irish Guards, Welsh, Cold streams and Grenadiers.

Lewes War Memorial, East Sussex: The memorial structure was unveiled in the year 1922 and was sculpted by Vernon March. In the year 1907, March became the youngest exhibitor at the Royal Academy and was known as an exceptional and extraordinary artist. At the age of 16 was when he became an exhibitor. Ottawa’s Canadian National War Memorial is considered as his greatest achievement. The Lewes memorial is as good as his Ottawa’s work. The east of the structure holds a figure of peace with a dove, west holds a figure of liberty.

St. Peter’s Street Memorial, Norwich: This memorial structure was unveiled in the year 1927 and was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Lord Mayor and the member of the founding family of an insurance company of the Norwich Union Charles Bagnold commissioned the leading artist of Norwich Edwin Lutyens. The memorial was constructed to honor the city’s war dead.

All of the above memorials and a lot more remembers the war dead of England and shows their emotions. There are a many more in London was well, which is England’s one of the most historic cities. London is famous for the number of memorials it has that holds historical significance. You can visit the city and know a more about the same and you can do so at any given time of the year. However, before visiting, do make sure that you plan your accommodation and make the necessary booking to avoid last-minute hassles.

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