When Should You Be Visiting London?

Every tourist attraction comes with a guide about the best time to visit the place. It is not different for one of the most popular tourist attraction as well. London is among the most visited cities in the world and even though there are plenty of places to check out, the weather might not be as pleasant as you want it to be all year round.

What is the best time to check out the spectacles of London?
If I have to put it in one sentence, I would say the summer months are the best. The time between June and August has a really comfortable 23 degrees C temperature on an average, making it perfect for checking out the various attractions during the day and enjoying the glamour of the city during the night. The weather is fairly dry during this time of the year. You will even be able to enjoy some special attractions such as swimming in the Serpentine Lake, located between the Hyde Park and the Kensington Garden, which is otherwise not possible during rest of the year. Summer in London also presents the beautiful opportunity to check out the amazing places in the sunkissed city. The Notting Hill location looks particularly fabulous during this time of the year. It is also one of the best times to shop in London. You can take a ride to the countryside and enjoy the scenic beauty as well.

However, summer isn’t the only time when you can visit the city. Those who do not mind the cold and wish to enjoy the festive mood of the city can book an accommodation during the winter months from November to February. But, keep in mind, the temperature will be on an average between 7 degrees C. so, do not forget to pack in enough warm clothes for your stay. While looking for accommodation, the best place will certainly be the hotels near Hyde Park London. The central location of these hotels offer the most amazing opportunity to enjoy all the thrill and pomp and show of the city as it gears up for one of the largest festivals of the year.

My personal favorite has always been the spring season between March and May. It is the time when the city is filled with all sorts of colors. If you happen to venture into some of the localities where people from others countries are in abundance, you might even come across some celebrations of the festival of colors. Unless you are allergic to it or do not like such celebration, get drenched in the various colors and feel a little bit of other parts of the world as well while checking out London. However, it is not just the festival of colors that you need to be excited about. The beauty of the trees regaining their charm is as captivating to watch as anything else. Take a stroll through the various royal parks and gardens of the city during this time of the year, or hire a bike to ride through them; either way you will have loads of memories captured in your heart through the lens of your eyes. It is one of the least seen beauties of the city.

If I might suggest a time which is the worst for you to visit the capital, it will be the time of autumn or fall, between September and October. London weather has a habit of being unpredictable with sudden brief shower spells happening at any time of the year. But these two months are particularly wet and damp. Unless you have a special liking for such weather, I would strictly suggest against planning a trip at this time of the year. You will most certainly ruin your entire holiday. Most people will never be able to check out the various attractions of the city with such a weather prevailing all over London. Do not be tempted by the low hotel rates at this time of the year.

Get the perfect place to stay in the city
No matter at which time of the year you will be visiting London, finding the right accommodation is as much important as ever. The perfect place determines the quality of the stay as well as how easy it is going to be to visit the various attractions of the city. Those who are well acquainted with city will tell you, central London is the best place to look for hotels at any time of the year. Most of the major attractions are located in around central part of the city. I personally prefer the Grand Royale London Hyde Park hotel because of the exceptional service and the perfect location. Whether you are planning to check out the Buckingham Palace or attend the change of guard ceremony at the palace, it is a short ride to the palace. You can easily check out the Hyde Park and the Kensington Garden as well as take a tour of the Kensington Palace. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also located close by.

One of the best things about the city is that you can check out almost all the museums in the city free of cost. There is no entry fee for entering the museums in London. So, if you are planning a budget trip to the city, make sure you keep the free attractions on your itinerary. Also, try to get a booking done well in advance or try to make plans during the off season. The winter time will be good for that purpose. With the holiday mood setting in, there are many special offers and discounts that you may avail. Planning your trip during winter or spring is a great way to avoid unnecessary hustle too. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city at your own pace without having to deal with hordes of tourists queuing up before every major tourist attraction.

Last, but certainly not the least important point to remember is that the city of London has a rich history and culture. Take out time to check out the place on foot and you will discover much more than the travelogue you are reading.

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