Who Should You Avoid on Public Transports in London

During the course of your life, you meet different types of people, some with positive vibes whom you like and others with negative vibes who do not appeal to you. The result is that you start avoiding those people who give you the creeps and look forward to interacting with those who you like. In London, most people have to travel long distances for work and back home in public transport like bus or tube and during these journeys they should avoid people who are not in sync with them. Given below are some of them whom they should avoid:

Football Enthusiasts: Londoners are a football-crazy lot and they will skip anything to see their favourite team playing and winning at the stadium. Most of them are fans of one team or the other whether it is Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal. The areas where football is played fervently range from QPR to Brentford, Chelsea and Fulham. However, football fans can be seen in large numbers using public transport on late afternoons at the weekend. They are always pissed but usually happier and louder than other commuters. It is essential to keep clear of them as they indulge in loud swearing and silly chants.

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Music Enthusiasts on a Bus: Very often you will find a person sitting at the back of the bus in which you are travelling, who is playing rap music loudly on his phone. He is usually 14-20 years old and his sole aim while travelling seems to be to provide a party-like atmosphere to the bus. There are others who play the music and also sing along and they are especially more irritating if they are in a group. There have been cases when others have actually pulled off the music.

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Chatting Loudly on the phone: The mobile phone may be your constant companion keeping you in touch with your near and dear ones as well as your business associates. It is also very useful as you can be contacted irrespective of the place where you may be even if it is in a bus. Whereas there is no harm in using it in a bus, what irritates most people is that some people talk very loudly and disturb others.

Slow walkers: If while walking on a high street, you find that about 10 people from a family are walking in front of you in line, slowly and restricting any opportunity to overtake them making it difficult for you to get back to your normal pace of walking, you are bound to feel irritated. The same holds true even on the Underground especially if you need to go somewhere quickly for work.

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