Why linking social media profiles to an online hotel site will help raise web traffic

In this modern digital age it is very important for hotel websites to sign up to a few social media platforms. The most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing site Instagram. There should be social media icons on a hotel website so customers can click on them find out details about the property. Something that hotel firms need to remember to do is ensure that they constantly update all social media profiles. This is absolutely vital as customers want to see fresh posts that describe what is happening at the residence.

Social media profiles also provide the opportunity for staff members at hotel companies to be able to interact with travellers online. This type of engagement will keep any existing guests happy, and could potentially encourage new visitors to pick the accommodation for a holiday or business trip. Linking to social media platforms from a hotel website is the best way to let customers know that the residence is aware of modern digital practices. A great reason to do this is that search engines are nowadays often looking at Facebook and Twitter data. They can really help to elevate the rank of a hotel website on search engines to get to the top.

There should be quality links that take travellers from a social media post back to the hotel website. Adding these links to social media channels will increase the chance that users will find the website when they search on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. A hotel website must have clear social media icons displayed somewhere prominent on its home page, as well as other web pages on the site. Social media platforms are the best locations to put up beautiful pictures, as well as short videos about the accommodation and what it offers.

There are many sites that are worth trying out apart from the most famous destinations. A great platform to use if companies want to target millennials is Snapchat, and they should also think about working with LinkedIn and Pinterest. Of course a wonderful social media presence is not enough to attract customers, as a hotel website also needs to be superb. What customers are looking for is a website that is easy to navigate and has a fantastic hotel internet booking engine that allows them to reserve a room quickly. A website should also provide plenty of information on rooms and amenities to entice customers.

A company that can help with creating a superb bespoke website is Digital Hoteliers that will also help with social media profiles. This UK-based marketing agency has a dedicated team of consultants who will provide excellent strategies for promoting a hotel firm online on major platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The experts will keep their clients updated with regular reports to share their discoveries, and work out a plan on how to improve. The top workers at Digital Hoteliers will provide a superb booking engine that is multi-lingual and allows customers from around the globe to pay in a number of currencies. Hotel companies will learn how to engage customers on social media to ensure they become loyal guests.

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