Why Visit London in the Winter

Contrary to the common perception that visiting London in winter is not a very good idea due to its being grey and dreary with short days and unpredictable, inclement weather, you will find that it is simply beautiful with a lot of attractions and activities to offer the discerning visitors. It would be futile to think that you have to wait till winter to enjoy London’s various offerings. The period of Christmas, New Year and the subsequent months of January and February are probably the best months to visit London as you will be avoiding the summer rush and save on both airfare and accommodation cost. You will find that most attractions will have shorter lines to enter and it is easier to get suitable accommodation at an affordable rate.

During the Christmas period, the city is in an upbeat mood with a lot of festivities that cover the months of November and December. A lot of exclusive holiday deals are also available during this time and if you can catch the right deal, you may be able to enjoy the luxury of staying in London 5 star hotels at a rate that you may be able to afford. Each of these hotels has a festive programme of its own and you will be able to enjoy the thrill of attending the same. You can soak yourself in the amazing light displays and other festivities.  You can also indulge in other activities.

Ice Skating:  There are many excellent ice skating rinks in London where you can warm up in the really low temperatures that mark this season. You will also be able to appreciate the wonderful architecture in the city, being covered in snow.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park: Your kids will love you for taking them to this popular attraction if you are travelling with your family. Most holiday packages include this visit where your kids will enjoy watching the frozen sculptures in the Magical Ice Kingdom and you can enjoy the various rides available including the exciting roller coasters, especially the giant Ferris wheel that will give you a majestic view of Winter Wonderland and its surrounding areas.

Winter Festival at Southbound Centre: This year’s theme is about generosity during Christmas just as the story of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol about the importance of generosity. A ticket to this festival which is a favourite of literary people also includes a ride on Southbound Centre Express that will take you to the riverfront.

Top Christmas Shopping Districts in London: London is known for its shopping options and anyone coming to the city simply cannot resist going to Oxford Street, Harrods, Hamleys, Portobello Road Market and various other places, even if for window shopping at some of these places. There is a completely different type of fun and excitement in doing shopping while listening to Christmas carolers in the background. London is replete with large Christmas markets and also the charming little ones. You can pick up some really exciting gifts that will convey to the receivers what a wonderful time you had in London.

Attractive Sales after Christmas: Just a day after Christmas on Boxing Day, you can find long queues from early morning gathering outside department stores such as Marks & Spencers for gaining entry into them as soon as they open so that best bargains can be picked up as discounts of to 50 percent or more can be enjoyed. Moreover, January sales in big stores on Oxford Street and Regent Street are really attractive as prices get slashed to a fraction of what they were before Christmas. You can enjoy these bargain prices for a few weeks after Christmas. Even smaller shops offer reasonable prices.

A New Beginning: With the New Year, everyone makes new resolutions and looks forward to a happy and prosperous year ahead and this is the time to take a few days off and visit London. By moving away from your usual boring and mundane routine of life, you will be able to relax, get rejuvenated and plan out your future. You can find many attractive hotel deals for an affordable holiday. You will also be able to enjoy fine experience in best London restaurants as there are many fine dining options available in the city.

Visiting Various Attractions Apart from attractive sales, the winter months of January and February are most convenient for sightseeing as you will not have to contend with the large number of tourists who throng the various attractions during the summer. You will find fewer crowds at the entrance of the attractions and so you need not queue up for long. It is no use complaining about the harsh weather as even in summer months it can be as unpredictable as ever. The benefits of visiting London during the winter can be huge as you can get cheaper air tickets, affordable hotel accommodation and discounts everywhere.

In the cold winter nights, what can be better than spending more time in the evenings at one of London’s typical pubs enjoying a few drinks with good food and a roaring fire to keep your warm – a perfect finale to a hectic day of sightseeing or shopping?

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