Witness the historical heritage of Trafalgar Square

With the growing numbers of tourist attracting destinations, the popularity of London is reaching to such an extent that every year thousands and thousands of travelers are continuing making London as their favorite paradise. The city has seen many visitors travelling here and there exploring the cultural heritage of the world capital but one can never have enough of this city. Although, various developments such as the London Eye, Millennium Dome, etc. have been shaped up and there are plenty which are in the process of getting developed, but the main attraction would always remain the most visited place of London, the famous Trafalgar Square.

If you are staying at 5 star London hotels in the center of the city then visiting the square would be a convenient matter.


Designed by John Nash, the square exudes architectural magnificence of the British hierarchy. The wildlife is the most prominent feature of the square with the four statues of lions at the base structure of the epic column of Nelson. The square has earned its name from the Battle of Trafalgar which took place in the historic year of 1820 and witnessed the heroic battle of Horatio Nelson as the brave commander of the British Navy. A statue of Nelson has been engraved as a mark of respect for the British commander which stands at a height of 185 feet.

Major Attraction will always be the pigeons

Flocks of live pigeons are seen roaming around the square. Although, the attraction had earlier witnessed the gatherings of around 35,000 pigeons but over the years the count has gradually decreased to a great extent. Seeing the pigeons gather around the square had been one of the major attractive phenomena of the square and thereby the square remains filled with humans as well. All the victory parades in the city have left their mark in the Trafalgar Square.

The centerpiece of the square having the famous Nelson’s Column is home to the other exquisite features of London tourism. The National Gallery is located to the north of the square. If you are wondering what time would be ideal to plan a vacation in the city of London, then it would definitely be the summers. The amazing view of experiencing the presence of flocks of pigeons roaming around the square itself makes the moments of the trip worth cherishing. The square is also considered as one of the best place s to ring in the New Year owing to the exclusivity of the place. The winters are also a great time to spend some holidaying moments in the city as it feels absolutely delightful to see thee giant Christmas tree adorning the square with all its beauty.

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