Witness the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London

The city of London is fashionable and everybody knows it. It is popular for high traffic streets, exclusive shopping streets, towering skyline, vibrant night life, energetic charm, resplendent aura and a lot many things. Whatever your heart desires for, you will be able to find all of that and even something more just by making a trip to this enriching world capital. If you are looking forward to make a nature travel tip which is mainly concerned with exploring historic travel sites along with contending your heart by hitting out at the high-end shopping streets then London is the best place you ever wish to visit.

Those who have never travelled to this European city and desire to fulfill all their dreams by capturing as many moments as possible then it is high time you sincerely give it a thought of enjoying a relaxing trip to the city of dreams. London may appear to be extremely expensive to those who follow others opinion and rely on baseless rumors. You can make the difference by getting your facts correct. A trip to London is all what you need to go for in order to find enjoying yourself amidst the colorful exciting life which intrigues you to the greatest possible extent.

Everything about London will excite you. If the geographical topography interests you, then you will be able to enjoy a beautiful holiday midst nature and its eccentricity. If the idea of enjoying a beautiful nature holiday is all what you are looking for then hold your heart until you reach the exquisite city of British capital which is waiting for your arrival. London is a green city and all the credits for keeping it green and livelier undoubtedly go to the extensive public and private parks, gardens of the city of London. Amongst the various nature parks in the British capital, the most favorite one is always going to remain the famous historic Hyde Park. It is undoubtedly the largest Royal Park desirably located in the heart of the capital city of England.

In the year 1536, Henry VIII was the first one to conquer this lush green area to make it his private hunting ground. Charles I was the one who had opened this park to the public in the year 1637. The popularity of park has reached sky high and every visitor coming over to London for enjoying their leisure time makes sure to pay a visit to the Park for engaging themselves in different activities over here. The tranquil location and blissful ambiance call for a relaxing afternoon which makes one feel relieved after a strenuous day of sightseeing in and around the city. This Park has been serving as a tranquil refuge to millions of visitors who seek to spend some quality efficient time along with their near and dear ones sneaking here to get away from the hustle bustle of the city.

The widely extended Royal Park is spread over a distance of around 350 acres and has been demarcated into equal halves by the River Serpentine flowing through the middle. The other half comprises of the equally famous and historic Kensington Gardens. More than 4000 trees, meadows, manicured garden, pristine lake offer an enriching picnic travel spot for people. Travelers get to spend their time over here by engaging themselves in some of the exciting activities such as swimming, boating, rowing in the lake. Visiting the Serpentine Gallery happens to be one important aspect which drags many visitors’ attention towards the Park. Playing outdoor games such as cricket, tennis, handball, rugby, etc. is also something which the Park encourages the youth to do. There are Tennis and Sports Center which make the Tennis enthusiasts have a great time. Roller skating lovers would love their time over here. Over all, it offers a great respite to the travelers who look forward to spend their holidays in an absolute soothing ambiance far away from the hustling and bustling of the city. People can indeed look forward to spend their time by dining, absorbing the local culture, picnicking, getting enthralled and appreciating nature.

Apart from all the leisure activities which the Park is popular for, one can also look forward to spending their time in sightseeing. Hyde Park is an eminent name in the history of England which boasts of housing the popular memorials of Diana, Princess of Wales, etc. to the north-east of corner of the park one will get to find the infamous public speaking spot of London in the name of Speaker’s Corner.

While vacationing in the enriching British capital, if you desire to listen to some opinions of influential people around you, then you must make your way out of the best hotels in Hyde Park London where you can put yourself up at to the Speaker’s Corner located in Hyde Park. Anyone and everyone can engage themselves and take part in speaking their mind out in open debate. It is the best place promoting your point of views where you can be assured of getting listened to. Every Sunday, a range of different speakers are seen gathering at the corner to speak out their opinions on something important and this tradition has been continuing since the year 1866. It is situated opposite Marble Arch and the corner has witnessed the airing of views of various eminent personalities such as Lenin, Karl Marx, Lord Soper, George Orwell and many others. You will feel delighted to witness the presence of several monuments and fascinating statues which have been set up to dedicate the defining times of London’s history. During your trip to the Hyde Park, you can also find yourself exploring The Joy of Life Fountain, Serpentine Bridge, statue of Achilles Heels, etc.  Out of all these spectacular sights to behold, your mind would still be diverted to seeing the Speaker’s Corner which is considered to be the most fascinating aspect of the famous Hyde Park where the orators feel free to share their opinions of the world and whatever is currently happening in it.

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