Worth-Visiting London Markets

Besides all its other attributes, especially the large number of supermarkets, luxury stores and boutique shops, London has not forgotten its roots as regards markets as you can find a wide variety of them, from farmers’ markets to markets selling vintage goods. The best part is that the city is not content with its stock of long-standing markets but it keeps on adding more markets all the time. The South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial College that specialises in offering food as well as a convenient green space for picnickers is a case in point. Some of the best London markets are as follows.

Best Street Markets in London

Maltby Street Market: This market in Bermondsey has tunnels and alleys that offer great produce and cooked foods. It is a small market but it keeps bustling with activity all the time while offering fresh produce, including breads, cakes, meats and cheeses. The notable sellers in the market include Monty’s Deli sandwiches and St John Bakery’s sourdough and fresh filled doughnuts. The Kernel Bakery is also open but only during market opening hours. The market opens Saturdays between 9am-4pm and Sundays between 11am-4pm.

Broadway Market: It is an east London street running from London Fields to the Regent’s Canal and it presents an ideal place to spend a Saturday relaxing, eating and picnicking on the grass because of it being located close to the park. It offers an incredible variety of food from Vietnamese coffee to fresh falafel and general goods.

Borough Market: This is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark and is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. It mainly sells speciality foods at present although in the 20th century, it operated basically as a wholesale market, selling food in quantity to greengrocers. Traders from different parts of the country put up stalls while traditional European products are also imported and sold. The main produce sold here are fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, game, baked bread and pastries.

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Best Food Markets In London

Duke of York Square Food Market: Located in Chelsea, this market is an ideal place to spend a Saturday morning as it has vendors offering everything from duck confit sandwiches to oysters and champagne.

Billingsgate Fish Market: It is located in Canary Wharf and is the largest inland fish market in the UK. The market sells 25,000 tonnes of seafood products through its merchants each year. It covers an area of 13 acres with the ground floor of the building providing a large trading hall with 98 stands and 30 shops, a 1,500 tonne freezer store, an ice making plant and 14 lock-up shops.

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South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial: This market at Imperial College is an ideal place to have lunch on a sunny weekday. After lunch, you can have a picnic at the adjacent Queen’s Lawn while enjoying a burger or a cheeky slice of cake bought from the market.

Best Antiques Markets in London

Portobello Market: This is a world-famous and one of the most famous markets in London, selling antique jewellery, vintage posters and quirky knick-knacks. It is the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling all sorts of antique and collectible. It attracts visitors from all over the world to explore the most extensive selection of antiques in UK.

Camden Passage Market: Another great antiques market which is pedestrianised, it is located in Angel and it sells every kind of antique that you can think of. It offers something for every antique lover as it has a range of stalls selling necklaces and spoons to vintage furniture.

Best Flower Markets in London

Columbia Road Flower Market: This highly colourful market is one of the best Sunday markets in London. It is an ideal place to buy potted plants and cut flowers. It also offers little corners with shops, pubs and cafes for tired shoppers to rest a while and grab a drink or a snack.

New Covent Garden Flower Market: You can find some of the finest flower suppliers in this market in Vauxhall that does not encourage non-trade visitors. It has 21 wholesalers and 10 florists offering the widest selection of fresh flowers, plants, foliage and sundries. It offers all that a florist may need, all under one roof. It is an ideal place for serious flower enthusiasts to visit as they can find everything from bright blue roses to vases and ribbons.

Best Eclectic Markets in London

Brick Lane Markets: Located in Spitalfields, Brick Lane offers a range of weekend markets offering everything from Vintage clothing to global food. You would need an entire day to cover all the markets. Spitalfields Market also offers a great rotating mix of stalls throughout the week.

Chatsworth Road Market: This market in Hackney is part food market and part arts and crafts market offering a good variety of vendors and great shops and restaurants all along the street.

Brixton Market: This market and the adjoining village are ideal for people to explore on a weekend. The market sells a great mix of everything from fresh food to handmade goods. Many of the shops and stalls reflect the area’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

Camden Markets: Camden has an abundance of markets that are located around the Camden Town tube station. These markets are crammed into the various squares, tunnels and countryside of the area and they offer everything from foodie stalls to goth ones.

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