Worth Witnessing Art Exhibitions in London

When we talk about London we talk about all sorts of fun and frolic. Great entertainment, elite shopping, worthy attractions, must visit sightseeing and last but not the least comfy accommodations; the capital city has it all. as far as entertainment is concerned there are no dearth of options. If you are fond of clubbing or catching the glimpse of the best nightlife then London is the place for you. However, are you somehow fond of great art? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Art here in London is a great shortcut to grab the very best. From modern to classical, serene and fancy everything is sorted and you will find stuff as per your taste.

The city also has an incredible art calendar where every now and then there will be several art events happening all around. There are artists who have changed the shape of art in London. Just like it is extremely important to find a suitable budget accommodation London it is equally important to witness these mind blowing art exhibitions in here.

Let’s talk a little about the Japanese art which not only covers varied range of styles, but has a long history too. Starting from the beginning of human habitation in Japan till present the Japanese art will bring you enormous range of art styles. It includes ink painting, ancient pottery, origami, calligraphy, sculpture and lot more.

When it comes to art exhibitions there are several ones in London which you shall not miss out:

David Hockney at Tate Britain
David Hockney is one of the most celebrated contemporary British artists whose impressive work can be seen at the most iconic Tate Britain. His paintings of Los Angeles swimming pool is one of his most famous works. He has been making big since 1960s and the work of this artist is truly impressive and is loved by all.

Revolution: Russian Art at the Royal Academy
It is a sprawling art exhibition that features great works from the 15 years of Russian communism. Lenin and Stalin the two depictions of these two great leaders open the show. The images show workers working in giant factories.

Wolfgang Tillmans at Tate Modern
Wolfgang Tillman is a German is a Turner Prize winning German artist who uses camera as a tool for documenting the world. With the photos of printers and Sunset Boulevard the show opens up. Then in a studio and a room of travel photography and lastly it is all about abstract photographs, dusty street scenes and intimate images of men. Each room here looks like a mini photo studio with all sorts of big and tiny images.

Eduardo Paolozzi at Whitechapel Gallery
Whitechapel Gallery itself is a great place and must visit for those who are deeply and madly in love with art. This public art gallery ideally located on the north side of the Whitechapel High Street is one of the publicly funded galleries and host temporary exhibitions in London. Paolozzi shifted from painting to collage and then textiles and was known to be an easily distracted person. He used to flip from one image to the other while working.

Just like it is important for an art lover to witness these art exhibitions in London it is extremely important for a traveller to check out the Park Grand Hotel in Lancaster Gate London for a leisurely yet comfortable stay.

Fahrelnissa Zeid at Tate Modern
When we talk about international and modern contemporary art we surely talk about Tate Modern. Tate is basically a family comprising of four art galleries in the capital city. Tate Modern hosts numerous exhibitions, free events and displays on a daily basis. Zeid is known to be one of the best abstract artists. He is one of the Turkish painters who mixes well western abstraction along with Islamic art influences.

The capital city boasts of several such great and varied art exhibitions that are held on day to day basis. Some of these are temporary; however some of them take a permanent place at any of the art galleries in London. An art lover will surely have so much to look for here and he will not get bored for sure. So, if you are an art lover and planning to visit the capital city of England the city awaits you with so much in store.

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