10 of the Best Landmarks in London

London is such a well-known city, and has featured in so many films, TV programmes and works of literature, that walking its streets, even for the first time, can feel eerily familiar. Every other corner brings another famous building or landmark into view, and this can mean that the simple act of merely walking the streets at random can be hugely satisfying and deeply rewarding. In order to get the very best out of a trip, however, it is first necessary to book the right accommodation, such as one of the hotels near Marble Arch, and to draw up a list of the landmarks which you’re most intent upon seeing. The following is a list of 10 of the best and most popular:

Top 10 Landmarks in London

Big Ben – the iconic clock tower at Westminster Palace is actually called Elizabeth Tower, and it is the bell which chimes the time which is called Big Ben. The clock faces on all four sides of the tower can be seen from almost anywhere in London, and the tower is one of the abiding images of the capital.

Trafalgar Square – this pedestrianized square has existed as a meeting place since the Middle Ages, and its’ proximity to the West End, the national galleries and the River Thames make it an excellent setting off point for a day looking round the city, having first admired the fountains and Nelson’s Column.

Buckingham Palace – this is the official London residence of the British monarch, and the spectacular façade of Buckingham Palace is as grand and imposing as one would expect from a building boasting 775 rooms.

The British Museum – this stunning building contains historical artefacts from around the world, including Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta stone. The main courtyard, a stunning space covered by an arching glass and steel roof, is worth visiting in its own right.
Tower Bridge – a unique suspension bridge which can be raised and lowered to let larger vessels through, this bridge was first built in 1886 and is one of the most recognisable bridges in the world.

Globe Theatre – this is a hugely impressive reconstruction of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre, which was burned to the ground in 1613. Seeing a play performed here is the closest modern equivalent to actually having been around when they were first staged.
Tower of London – this is one of the only medieval buildings still standing in the city of London, having first been built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Over the years it was often used as a place of imprisonment and execution.

Windsor Castle – classified as the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle covers over 13 acres and boasts artefacts gathered over a 1000 years of history.

Westminster Abbey – this gothic building is the Abbey used to crown the Kings and Queens of England, and is also the final resting place of people such as Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Houses of Parliament – also known as the Palace of Westminster, this is the heart of the United Kingdom’s democratic structures. It consists of over 1000 rooms, and the oldest building, Westminster Hall, was originally opened in 1097.


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