5 bad spa experiences: Lessons to learn

A spa treatment is supposed to make you feel relaxed and it also lets you rejuvenate up your skin tissues. It is important to make sure that you have undergone a properly done spa treatment and that too under the guidance of an expert esthetician. There are times when a spa treatment can go really wrong. It might take you an eternity to get away from the harmful side effects. Spa makes you feel restored as well as relaxed for a prolonged period of time. You must look forward to check everything beforehand before agreeing for the therapy. After all it is you who is putting your hard earned income on toss. The treatment must be effective and along with the therapy, everything else must also appear to be equally good. You cannot genuinely take the risk of not taking into consideration all the guidelines which come along with a spa treatment when you are going out for a spa therapy, it is not only the treatment which you should be concerned about. You must also watch out for the cleanliness factors and the managerial efficiency over there. How the esthetician is at her work or how are they treating you over there are also some of the factors that you should be concerned about. These are things which you absolutely cannot let go of. Hence, before paying for the package, make sure to probe deeper about all of these factors. Moreover, it is the kind of experience which tends to matter the most. You cannot simply compromise with the level of satisfaction which you have been paying for.

Some spa treatments can turn out to be a major nightmare for people who do not really bother to watch out for the signs. The spa may be dirty. It is something which you need to look out for. After all, hygiene comes first. You may also come across to a therapist who is only concerned about selling off the alluring package to you at an expensive rate. He or she is least bothered about the services. You may also find the front desk to be extremely rude or attentive to your remarks. The esthetician may also lack experience in some cases. Hence, you are in for a toss and you need to be extremely careful about the whole process.

It is definitely all about making sure that there is no hair clogged in the bottom of the shower drain and the therapist is not using any already used sponge balls on your skin. The overall experience should be good. All of us are well acquainted with how good a spa therapy can really be but at times, things can turn out to be a real nightmare. In order to combat such situations, you must know what exactly can go wrong or how you can overcome such terrible things from causing damage to your health.

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Here is a list of worst spa experiences which can really happen:

•    Major Spa refurbishment without informing the customers: It really drives you crazy when you are compelled to hear the workmen banging, hammering, yelling and putting down land down ladders at the spa and that too in a time when there are clients undergoing therapies. Spas are meant to relax your senses which can never really happen when there is too much of noise going on in the background. In case if you find yourself amid this totally uncalled for chaos then it is better to stop the therapy in between and rush out of the place. If the payment has already been made then it is always quite significant that you report the disturbances directly to the manager and ask for another time for rescheduling the therapy. A healthy spa treatment takes quite a lot of money and you must not waste it just for the non-sincere situations created from their end. You can also check for appointments while booking the treatments when the spa remains workmen free. Even if it is a five star spa therapy that you are willing to go for, look out for this factor in order to enjoy a soothing experience ahead.

•    Therapists who just do not bother: There are estheticians who are only concerned about the package prices they are selling. Always look out for experience therapist who can make your feel relaxed throughout the session with the amazing massages. Some therapists are really bad at giving massages and at times you have to go home with a painful body.

•    A therapist who lacks experience is not a good bet: This absolutely needs no saying but you should always look out for a well experienced therapist who can offer you with the much required massage and spa therapies which you deserve as well as desire to have. A therapist who has just graduated does not have the experience to satisfy the clients. Hence, watch out for your therapist’s experience.

•    Watch out for the double dipping phase: If the esthetician keeps on dipping the same stick back in the wax pot while waxing your bikini line or other regions which you are willing to wax off then it is high time you start looking out for another esthetician. It is not only the most unsanitary thing to experience but also something which you do not wish to recall for the rest of your life. Do not let that person wax you ever again and start looking out for some another therapist who maintains hygiene level properly.

•    Therapy sessions are best when they are done in calm ambiance; If you do not wish to talk and enjoy the treatment amid soothing atmosphere then it is better just clarify your requirement of a peaceful ambiance so that the therapist does not bother you with her continual chit chat sessions which you are in absolutely no mood to participate into.

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