6 Oldest Underground London Stations that are still used

London city is remarkably popular for holding the centuries old legacy of being one of the most wondrous holiday destinations in the whole wide world. The city along with its multilingual inhabitants stands out ahead of others for showcasing a brilliant diverse culture that tends to charm every one. Those who are locals feel proud of their city and those travelling to the English capital feels proud of the discoing they made of choosing to visit London over the other places of interests. Tourists from all corners of the world keep coming over for keeping the city busy throughout the year. If you are looking forward to make the most of your vacation break then it is always kind of a better decision to take and indulge into a happening travel journey which lets you stay thoroughly engaged throughout the tour.

In London, there are several spectacular things that are going to make you feel a lot more pleasurable from within. Be it the enriching historical significance, contemporary architectural elegance, Victorian era or the simply majestic travel attractions, everything about London holds the ability to sway your heart away. If you are truly looking forward to make the most of your vacation in the city of dreams then you should start gathering information about the sights ad attractions that you would like to check out during the trip.

There are several things to explore in the international capital. If you are done with checking out the fantastic exquisiteness that the capital tends to offer you with, you must look ahead to checking out the wonderful aspects of enjoying a vacation that would not only appeal to your eyes but will also enrich your level of appreciation for the city’s eccentricity.

London Underground

It is indeed quite difficult to even imagining yourself getting around the city of London without using the tubes. The London Underground was designed by John Fowler and was lobbied for by the City of London solicitor Charles Pearson. This city’s underground transportation became the basis for the underground railway system for other great cities in the world. Six of the underground stations that opened in 1863 are still in operation till this date. Listed below are six of the stations that are operated till today. You must look ahead to know about them for understanding their significance in the history of London’s underground transport network.

  • Baker Street:

This is one location which is famous for being the residence of the world famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. The station was started with two platforms only in the beginning and later on it got expanded to include two more lines. The services of the Baker Street station have been expanded various times and at present it not only includes only the Metropolitan Line but also works wonders in serving several other stations including Jubilee, Hammersmith, Waterloo, Circle and many more. Since the area of Baker Street is immensely popular, it is decorated with several enchanting profile silhouettes of the detective Sherlock Holmes. You will also be able to come across to a statue of the detective right outside the Marylebone.

  • Euston Square:

This fascinating station was opened on 10th January and was named as ‘Gower Street’. Eventually the name was changed to Euston Square in the year 1909. Although the station has named as ‘Euston’, it should not be confused with the other tube station with the same name that runs for the Victoria and Northern lines

  • Paddington:

This is one station which is the oldest not only to the underground but also the Great Western Railway. Originally being considered as the Metropolitan line that comes directly from Farringdon, it no longer serves the line of Farringdon any more. Instead it serves the platforms at Waterloo, Circle, District, and Hammersmith& City Lines. Just like Baker Street has its connection with the residence of Sherlock Holmes, Paddington station too is famous for having a bond with the famous fictional character of Paddington Bear. It was created by Michael Bond and his creation as named after the underground station. He used to be a regular at this platform from where he used to take a tube to his job as a BBC cameraman. A statue of the famous Paddington bear was made by Marcus Cornish can be seen right under the clock on Platform 1 at the Paddington Underground Railway station.

  • King’s Cross Station at St. Pancreas:

The king’s Cross station was opened in the year 1863 along with the other stations of London Underground. It has got rearranged for a couple of times between 1868 and 1922. This is one of the stations having the most gruesome history where a fire which was caused by a matching dropping into an escalator machine tom killed around 31 people. Again the station got attacked in the year 2005 when a bomb killed 26 people while the train was travelling between the train was travelling from King’s Cross station to Russell Square. The location of King’s Cross gives the idea of the trains serving to Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines, Piccadilly, Northern  and Victoria. You can look ahead to stay at one of the hotels near Piccadilly Circus for ensuring a happening holiday break which is absolutely necessary to make you feel conveyed throughout the tour.

  • Great Portland Street:

The station was opened in the year 1910 and over the years, it experienced name changes. Firstly, it was named as ‘Great Portland Street and Regents Park and then it were named to its current status. The station owes its round shape to its construction on a traffic island. There are several shops on the first floor and offices are on the second floor. At present, this station not only serves the Metropolitan line but also the Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines.

  • Farringdon:

Originally it was named as the ‘Farringdon Street’. It was relocated in the year 1865 to Moorgate and was considered as Farringdon and High Holborn. Over the years, the railway entrance has been constructed for several times and at present it serves the Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines.

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