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Vacations are synonymous to fun. The time is purely spend with family and friends. The enjoyment of the time is a replacement of everyday life. This excitement increases when the stay is absolutely comfortable. Hotels offering a great scenic beauty also forms the attraction. The moments spent there is cherished at times too!There are a lot of places to stay in London. But the best is the Park grand Kensington London. The first reason is that the conference rooms are available for hire in the hotel. This is a boutique hotel. It is unique among all. It is located in an exclusive location. The hotels is located at beautiful destinations that attract the attention of all. The hotels is located adjacent to the famous landmarks like best shopping malls or near beaches. This hotel is centrally and are therefore close to the main tourist spots. Rented Cabs carry people around the city to any desired destination. The posh locality of London, from where all sorts of vehicle are available and all places are accessible within few minutes. The mesmerizing view offers a suitable place to stay in.

A district of London that is South Kensington:

Museums and universities are all located in here. The famous Notting hill carnival is held here every year. Expensive districts of residence. At the contrary this is also social housing and poverty as well! Local authority of the area is restricted to Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. This famous place was created in 1965. Inclusion of Chelsea is popularly supported by the local people. Districts include: Albert polis, Bayswater, Belgravia, Brompton, Chelsea, Earls Court, Holland Park, Kensal Town, Kensington, Ladbroke grove, North Kensington, Notting hill, West Brompton, West Kensington and Worlds End. There are lots of open places and Parks all around. The places are noted for its greenery.

Tourist attraction of the London:

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are located in inner London. There are a lot of open places. Boundaries are noted official for all parks. Two important open spaces are: Magnificent Seven which is a cemeteries and Brompton and Kensal Jorden. There are other important spaces and open spaces too. Albert bridge gardens, Avondale Park, Battersea bridge gardens, Chelsea Embankment gardens, Chelsea physic gardens, Holland Park, grand Union Canal and Royal hospital gardens are all important. Chelsea flower show is important is an important festival held here. Hyde Park and Kensington gardens are important at the same time. Hyde Park is the best loved park in London this park is centrally located and can be reached easily. This is famous for its meadows and lakes and also garden. People are found relaxed or cycling or just idling with friends. Regent Park was designed in 1811 and is a 166 hectares land. Facilities of playing football, softball, outdoor James are available. Wild bird species like water fowl are found here. We also find the famous Open air theatre here. Next comes Richmond Park whichis the royal park and a home to free roaming deer’s. There are about 650 free roaming deer’s in the park, two golf courses and also power kiting. Followed by the St. James Park- the place is surrounded by three royal palaces. The park is famous for pelican too. Victoria Park includes an outdoor theatre apart from being famous for Lovebox Weekender and field day festival.

There are many hotels all round Kensington to spend night. These hotels are of varying rates and reservation is easy. Modern furnishing and recreational attachments with modern facilities is the speciality of each room. The rooms are colourful and comfortable also. Both Ac and non AC rooms are available. Cosy living areas and a drawing room is associated with it. Al the rooms have large window and personal bathtubs for a comfortable bathing. Laundry services are available on a daily basis. All these hotels can be booked previously. No credit cards are required for reservation. It is advisable to book the hotel on prior account because these hotels get book immediately when the tourists arrive. All these hotels are well known for their hospitability.

Facilities that attract the tourists:

Tiled rooms, top-notch furnishing, and flat screen television, bathroom with toiletries, tea and coffee making facilities, Bathrobes, Wi-Fi and internet facilities are common for all rooms. Apart from serving delicious cuisines the restaurant offers its customers with lot of extra things. These extra things include Music on Saturday and Fridays. Sometimes a live band or a famous singer is an attraction of these restaurants which includes pubs. Cosmo Karaoke is often enjoyed by a load of young boys and girls trying to have fun. This is available on Wednesday evenings only from 7 pm onwards. Retro nights and Arabian nights are also on the list of specialty of the hotel is that they never allow their guest to get bored or spend unpleasant evenings.There are many important places to dine and have lunch in. The best picks in the list can be as follows: the Whit’s. The most important thing about Whit’s it is pert friendly which means you can carry your al day companion even while dinning. The multi-faceted and multi cuisines offered restaurant Troubadour is of course a special mention on list. It has a café, bar, restaurant, music venue and also houses the best dance floor as well. The Windsor castle is built in the Campenhill Road, Imperial college bars and A-Z pub-crawl are other important placers that can be visited in London. All the places are important destination to spend a happy time with friends and family.

A detailed travel tip: The city is congested with a lot of traffic. There are public transports that carry you to the destination. Public buses, cabs, trains or any other mode of public transport can take you to parks and museums during the day. The roads here are well connected. There is a need of carrying umbrella and wearing cotton cloth during summer will help you have a comfortable journey. The weather is pleasant sometimes. Therefore winter is considered to be the best place roam around the whole of London visiting buildings of historical importance and magnificent beauty.

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