A wedding reception and the due considerations required

A wedding is aonce in a lifetime event which is the matter which makes up memories which last probably as long as the rest of the lives of the people who are getting married. It is for this reason that one should take so many varied factors into due consideration while he or she is in the process of planning the wedding reception with the beloved significant other.

The initial or primary point which is to be kept in mind when one is planning the reception is the budget. Once a budget has been chalked out, it is far easier to plan the rest of the events as the focus is on extracting as much value as is possible for the amount which has been earmarked for the reception. In other words, one does not plan an incredibly lavish or extravagant affair which is unaffordable and is then left to rue his or her actions.

The next thing to be kept in mind or taken into consideration is the venue. It is perfectly understandable if one is thinking about forking out an additional sum of money if the venue reflects the quality and value which is expected; correspondingly. In fact, one is likely to be spoilt for choice when the matter of wedding reception venues in London comes up. One would do rather well to consider the Grand Ballroom which is likely to be apt for nearly all wedding receptions.

Planning a seating chart is something which is surely not to be overlooked. This is for two reasons; the first of which is the fact that by preparing a seating chart, one gets a fair idea if he or she has invited too many people and as a result, can plan for the additional space which would be accordingly warranted in this event. Also, one can plan out the various important places such as the dance floor, the bar area and so on and so forth.

As for the more technical aspects of the wedding, questions such as to where the gifts which are given to the bridal couple will be kept and payments for the arrangements [food, drink etc.] naturally arise and need to be duly taken care of. It is strongly recommended that one has everything sorted out at least four to five days prior to the big day so that there are minimal chances of anything going awry i.e. Murphy’s Law may be contradicted!

If a couple wishes that their guests at the wedding reception let their hair down and have fun, it is essential that the headache of parking is sorted, as well. For this reason, it is rather prudent to book additional parking space in advance or make suitable arrangements for a shuttle to transfer guests from a place where more than adequate parking is available to be made apt use of.

Dance is a near integral part of each and every wedding and enables and provides for more memorable memories of such an important day in the lives of the couple. Apart from just ensuring there is adequate real estate for dancing, it should also be seen to that the music source [a DJ, live band, a solitary singer or a preset playlist] is settled upon and if an individual is taking care of the music, he or she is apprised well in advance so that the availability is not called in to doubt!

Another entity which should be apprised, although in a different connotation, is the man or woman who is going to be giving the toast. Any clarifications he or she may seek should be addressed so as to not cause any confusion or, banish the thought, misstated facts on the big day. The individual should also be told of the amount of time he or she is expected to speak for. This is because a toast which is too short is a sheer wasted opportunity considering wedding toasts are a rare occasion to make a memorable mark, and a wedding toast which is too long has the potential to be a mild buzz kill for the people who are in attendance. It goes almost without saying that a couple who plan to get married would like neither to happen to them. A toast is especially memorable if the person giving it is a close friend or relative to either the groom or bride, or ideally, both.

A wedding reception is the event which entails the disappearance of formal, pious behaviour and sets the stage for the real fun events which typify a wedding to take place. With proper planning, this is exactly what is going to happen!

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