Bayswater’s Happening Supermarkets

London has a plethora of things for its visitors to see and experience. With a number of stores that are packed in every corner of the streets, visitors in London can have a great time in this city. Not just the shops dedicated to fashionable attires or accessories, but even when it comes to pretty simple grocery shops, the list is never ending. And, what more? In almost every area of the city, you can find such supermarkets that are quite offbeat with their collections. So, while you may be strolling in and around Bayswater, the collection of stores there is not going to disappoint you at all.

Even for those who have booked an accommodation in Bayswater London Hotels, those individuals can just know a more elaborate about London by visiting this supermarket. The fresh list of items and its immense range in terms of varieties just woo each and every tourist. The good news is Bayswater is a store house of a number of good hotels and therefore the search for hotels in Bayswater London is quite simple. According to your budget, you can just look for the perfect accommodation. The rooms are elegant enough to make your stay a very comfortable one. And this is a necessity when you are staying in an unknown land. Since hotels are the first thing that can make the start to your holiday, Bayswater is not going to disappoint you at all.

So, while you are all set to explore Bayswater, you can just visit those supermarkets, some of which may be small in their square meter dimensions but is luxurious enough with all sorts of collections. These supermarkets are flooded with various items which you may not get in your country. So, get set and take home some of these finest collection of things which will help you to prepare one of the finest lunch or dinner. Not just that, there are so many special things that you get to eat there too. So, the lists of such supermarkets are here. Take a look!

Some of the top supermarkets in Bayswater

Planet Organic

For some fresh and reasonably priced affair, you might want to visit Planet Organic. The collection of stuffs there is simple incredible. As the name indicates, everything you get there is very fresh and organic. So, be it some broccoli or some green juices that you might want for a healthy body, you can simply get there. This supermarket definitely knows how to attract the customers. And, so you have some freshly made brownies. Well, don’t you dare to miss this! While this supermarket is quite small compared to its other chains in various other places, when it comes to the collection, it is just stuffed. Fruit juices, chocolates, nut butter or food cake, which is raw, every single thing is delicious there.


This supermarket can give you some good choices for your snacks, lunch or dinner and especially breakfast. On top of that it remains open for quite a period of time, even after midnight. So, this is definitely an advantage for some who just wants a last minute shopping. Well, the supermarket is located surrounded by some of the finest restaurants and food joints. So, when you are just done with your shopping thing, you can just head straight to those food joints and grab a bite. What else you need? Everything is just there in a package form!


Tesco is quite like a rich man’s place. Why? Because, most of their stuffs, falls in the high range category! Unlike other supermarkets, who keep on giving offers and discounts, Tesco is an exception. However, considering the price, the stuffs that you get there are fresh and good in quality. So, spending your hard earned money is worth it. The major problem lies in the fact that the space is a bit less and so you feel like stuffed whenever you are inside it.

Le Supermarche

This is a pretty simple stop in this list and is headed by a sweet lady, which actually acts at the charm of this place. Apart from this, all the food stuffs sold there is homemade, assuring you of the quality and no wonder the sale is so much of this place. Well, if you are there, don’t forget to try out the sandwiches. Something seriously awesome!


Want some readymade foods, or your grocery stuffs or something else; Waitrose fulfils all your desires. What you may not get in other supermarkets, you are sure to get it here. Some of the things are a bit expensive so definitely makes it hard for some section of people. But, all in all, this is a nice place to be when you are planning to make something special and have an exotic shopping list

 Tesco Express

Just like Tesco, the varieties here are quite expensive but you have good priced items too. Thus, making easy, for every single individual, to shop from there! Even though during the rush hour, the store may look to be a bit crowded, but the staffs are efficient enough and make sure that you get whatever you want as soon as possible. Well, don’t forget to grab some British sweets when you are there.


If you are up for some form of snacks or grab a bottle or can of beer, then this is the place for you to visit. While there are other things too for your grocery shopping, but do make sure to visit the bakery, which serves some of the finest snacks.

Marks and Spencer

This is a very popular chain that you can find almost everywhere in the world. Like most of the supermarkets, you get top quality foods out there. At the same time, this store is stocked with items, thus making it easy for shop for many things just by visiting a single place.

Tawana Supermarket

So, if you are a tea lover, you must surely visit this store, where you can find numerous different varieties and flavors of tea. Herbs, snack, health foods and lot many other things- you can get those items at a very less price.

Isn’t it fair enough to make a visit to those supermarkets? So, what’s the wait for? Even if you don’t need anything from the grocery section, add something else in your collection; the stores are stuffed with many varieties!

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