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Want to make your next trip to the city super easy, stress free and a snip of the usual cost?! We all know a trip to the capital is a regular must – with so much to see and do – from fantastic art exhibitions through to amazing shopping adventures via great plays and performances. Sometimes it can be easy to spend your time checking out the latest art exhibition, visit a restaurant that’s been getting a lot of press attention, go see a gig or do something site specific – that you’re not entirely sure how to get from A to B. That you need a little help in planning your visit.

Don’t waste money on taxis getting everywhere. There are a host of cash free bus options that don’t require you to travel all over with a pocketful of change. Here’s our handy guide on how to get out and about, and to save time and money on London buses.

Travel with an Oyster Card

The cheapest way to use the London Transport system is to buy a one day Oyster card. You can buy an Oyster card for £10 and for each journey you travel the amount is deducted from your card.  The Oyster card is a weekly season ticket that allows you to travel across all the underground train lines and buses.You can top up your Oyster Card using your debit or cash card, or even via your phone, and so no matter when or where you run out of credit – you’ll still be able to travel cash free. And don’t forget you can also top up your Oyster card at Oyster Ticket Stops in participating newsagents and shops or at stations.

Auto Top Up

Auto top-up is a new feature of the cards and the perfect way to travel if you’re in London longer than a few days. Auto top up ensures you never run out of pay as you go credit by automatically topping up your Oyster card with money from your credit or debit card, whenever your pay as you go balance falls below £10.Your card is automatically topped up when you touch your Oyster card on a yellow card reader at the start of a journey on bus, Tube, tram, or whatever mode of transport you choose.

Pick a centrally located London stay

Nothing makes your trip to London less stressful than making sure you are situated at the heart of the action. Pick somewhere with a central location and you’re sure to find getting from one place to another a lot less of a nightmare than if you were located somewhere on the peripheries.

The Montcalm

The Montcalm London Marble Arch offers just this. The quintessential luxury London hotel stay – The Montcalm is a staple on the capital’s stylish hotel scene and one of the favorite finds for those in the know. The hotel offers an absolute education in elegance, offering much in terms of style, panache, facilities and customer service. The hotel offers a genuinely unique and memorable service, with every element of your stay thought and planned with meticulous detail.

Nestled at the heart of London, you are within exceptionally easy access of many of the city’s biggest and brightest sights and sounds. Just a short walk from Hyde Park, you have ample opportunity to make the most of the city’s most stunning green space. You are also within very easy reach of the Houses of Commons, the London Eye and some of London’s finest shopping districts and department stores.

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