Choosing the Right Venue is the Key

Weddings are no doubt the best events of anyone’s life. The event gives long lasting memories that you will cherish for lifetime. However, there are several important tasks associated with selecting the right venue for your special day. One will surely have to ask numerous questions to oneself in order to finalize a one that suits everyone’s requirement and budget of course. Picking between the venues is a big deal and before taking any decision you will have to ponder on your budget for sure.

Plenty of luxury & stylish London wedding venues are available. These are all well facilitated and are the ideal ones. However, finding a venue at the initial stages is the most frustrating segment of the entire job. Variety of information is to be gathered and sometimes the venue owners are all the more irritating and shall not offer you with much help. That is the time when you will actually have to answer few questions within yourself.

Mentioned below are few questions that one must ask before finalizing a wedding venue:

Is the Venue Easy to Locate?
You have chosen the venue and invited your guests on your wedding. How difficult the situation will be if your guests will call up and ask you the location on your wedding day? It is extremely important that the venue should be easily located by everyone. When in the initial phase of finalizing the place you must check the directions and the map of the place and you must include it in your invitations. The most ideal situation is that it should be less than an hour away in terms of time.

Availability & Capacity
Before even visiting a place to catch a glimpse, make sure you first confirm that whether the venue is available on your wedding or not? If you are in search of a popular venue it may be possible that it is booked in advance on your wedding date. It usually happens during the peak wedding seasons.

Moreover, the venue must fit the number of guests you have invited. Also, you must ask yourself that whether you are interested in doing a sit down meal or a cocktail party etc? You must not select a venue with capacity limitations otherwise your entire event will get spoiled.

 Is your venue licensed to arrange Civil Weddings?
Almost all good wedding venues have this information well listed on their websites and can be enquired by calling. The venue should have a proper license to avoid any legal complications.

Are there Special Facilities Included?
Not every venue offers something extra to their clients but those who do it can be a good plus for you. Some venues may offer one or two complimentary entertainments or a bottle of champagne etc. Moreover, some venues may have special rooms for the bride to relax and to get ready. These extra features shall make your day even more enjoyable.

Is there enough Parking space?
Parking can actually be a problem especially for the guests coming in to attend your wedding. Some venues offer free parking and have huge parking space available so that guests traveling via their own private cars shall not face any problem. Moreover, one must take into account if any other transportation options are to be considered.

Ask for your Wedding Décor
Another vital question to ask yourself before finalizing the wedding venue is that how much control you will have in terms of your wedding décor? Most venues offer such services themselves, but in case if you wish to change something then are you allowed to do so? Find out what the venue is offering you and at what cost. Some venues leave it to you, but then they have vendor restrictions. In such a case a couple may not be able to arrange things in a manner they want to.

The montcalm grand ballroom in West London is one of the ideal wedding venues. It is a perfect one in terms of décor, food and entertainment.

Rules and Regulations?
Wedding venues often give you your own free space as to do whatever you want, however there are few rules that they might imply on the client. You as a client must be aware of all the regulations that they impose on the venue and will have to strictly adhere to it. Many venues don’t allow fireworks etc. Also, explicitly ask if they allow decorating the table with candles etc. You must keep these things in mind before finalizing the venue.

Ask the venue manager if there are any restrictions on catering, cakes and stuff. Some only allow in-house caterer and some give you a free hand to choose your own caterer and cakes. As food and drinks will consume the largest porting of your wedding budget, the caterer should be in budget. Also, you will have to check for his presentation of food and preparation etc.

Visit your Venue more than once
Before making any advance payment it is completely ok if you visit the venue multiple times. It is possible that you may get answer to certain questions in one visit; however some questions may be still left unanswered. So, for these you can visit the venue again to see if it suffices all your requirements.

Keeping all these things in mind one must take the right decision always as it is quite a personalized affair especially for the couple. Any mistakes or carelessness may end up in making the entire event baseless. Once you are done with all the initial research and planning pull up your socks and grab the best possible deal.

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