Enjoy a Walk Down the Southern Bank of River Thames

The best way to explore London is on foot. There are so many interesting walks and tours you can take in order to see attractions which are located near one another. And when it comes to Central London, there are hundreds of attractions, popular restaurants, bars, shopping avenues and theatres which are located in the vicinity of each other. One such walk could be along the South Bank of River Thames in the very heart of London. On one hand you get to see picturesque views of the river and on the other, you’ll be able to explore some of the most iconic architectures and historical buildings. Important landmarks which you can enjoy while taking this walk includes –

Tower of London

This could be your starting point. Tower of London is one of the most popular castles of England. The royal execution site also used to incarcerate some of the fiercest prisoners during that era and today, it is the home to the crown jewels. Popular inhabitants of the castle include monarchs like Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

The Tower Bridge

Another fabulous attraction which you’ll be able to explore while enjoying a walk down the Southern Bank of Thames is the Tower Bridge. Built by the Victorians, the bridge was initially powered by steam which has now been replaced by electric motors. Visit the museum which is located in the center of this bridge or simply admire its beauty from a distance. If you want, opt for a hotel with scenic views of the bridge. Many of these hotels are known to offer exceptional London hotels offers and discount packages.

Borough market and the Southwark Cathedral

Borough Market comes alive during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The traditional market offers a wide variety of local cheeses, deer meat and other British delicacies. The adjusting Southwark Cathedral is also a great place to explore. Close to the Cathedral there are many options of bed and breakfast hotels. Some of these hotels offer fabulous London hotels offers and packages.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

This open-air Elizabethan theatre looks absolutely stunning and showcases some of the most iconic Shakespearean dramas.

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