Features to look for in a banquet hall

Whether you are getting married or planning to celebrate a special occasion, finding the right venue is critical to the event being a smashing success or just another routine affair.

In a city like London there are plenty of places available to organise a variety of celebrations ranging from boutique hotels, conference venues to banquet halls. Whether it is an outdoor event that you want hosted to a more conventional indoor party, there are places available to suit all types of events and budgets.

When it comes to finding a suitable banqueting hall in London is the perfect place in terms of location and connectivity. It is especially convenient for newcomers to the city on account of being easily accessible both my road and even the Tube, so that even those who do not know how to travel on the London Underground make their way to the venue with relative ease.   This combined with the excellent banquet hall facilities in any hotel at London Hyde Park make it ideal for such events like parties, annual meets, symposiums, marriages etc.

In fact most clubs and hotels provide a diverse variety of options to choose from when they plan to host any function or event. Of course the primary factors to consider are the budget, size of the venue and its location that suits your requirements. When deciding about selecting the right venue whether for a corporate event or a family function there are a few things to take into consideration. The very first thing is to get detailed information about the place and the facilities on offer.  Some of the basic features to be considered before a banquet hall is booked are……….

Space available with facilities: This is subject to the number of guests who will be a part of the event and needs to be carefully planned, so that the place does not become overcrowded. Once the guest list is finalised with RSVP invitations sent and the actual number of attendees confirmed planning becomes easier. The hall should be spacious enough to accommodate a few extra unexpected guests and they should have the right facilities to cater to those attending. All the available facilities need to be considered when deciding upon a venue.

Confirm availability: Before planning your event confirm the availability of the venue on the specific date you have chosen for it to be organised. Generally most large hotels organise multiple events on the same day and this could affect the requirements for any specific hall, extra facilities or space you might have.

Enquire about policies and rules: There are certain venues that have their own set of rules when it comes using the facilities such as the bar, catering etc. To avoid any last minute hassles enquire about the norms of the venue and any restrictions or policies that hamper the smooth functioning of the event planned.

Confirm about different packages on offer: Generally banquet halls do not permit any external vendors for catering or decorations and instead offer a variety of package deals of their own. Before opting for any package enquire about the different rates amenities offered and confirm if it meets your needs and fits your budget.

Confirm about the advance deposit: Clarity in payment related matters is vital and you need to enquire about the amount of deposit to be made in advance. The amount generally differs from venue to venue so you need to confirm the exact amount to be deposited. Also verify that there are no extra costs or hidden charges that might surface at the time of final payment of the bill.

Parking and additional accommodation: A key area to consider is the parking arrangements at the venue, especially if guests will be arriving from within the city or from out of town by car. It would be highly impractical to have parking space that is a fair distance from the actual venue. Also confirm if any additional accommodation would be available in case of any guests deciding to stay overnight. This is all the more essential if your guests have travelled a long distance to be present at the event. In such a situation having additional accommodation would be a big help as some of them might decide to make the journey back home the next day. Valet parking would be ideal to help out with guest parking. Preparing for extra guests in advance will save a lot of time and any last minute hassles that might crop up during the event.

Bar permit: All venues in London may not have a bar permit. In some situations the onus of getting the necessary bar license for the event planned, rests with the host. This is especially the case with those venues that do not provide bar services. Therefore it is necessary to check if there is any such arrangement to be made in advance so that prior measures could be undertaken to ensure the event goes off smoothly.

Event co-ordinator:  As a norm most venues have professional event co-ordinators available at hand to ensure the event is carried out smoothly. They are responsible to ensure that the necessary staff and arrangements are made and that everything is done well in time before the event is scheduled to take off. If you are the host enquire if any such professional event co-ordinator is available at the venue and if his services form part of the package you are paying for.

Accessibility: Every venue may not be easily accessible by those who are physically challenged and make use of a wheelchair. This could pose a great deal of inconvenience for any guest who is physically challenged and also can be a cause for embarrassment. Therefore before signing any agreement ensure that proper arrangements are in place.

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