Hotel Rooms by the Hour – Changing Trends of Hotel Room Hiring

Trends are changing in every aspect of life and hiring of hotel rooms is no exception. The latest development is hiring a hotel room by the hour instead of the traditional hiring on per day basis. It is not absolutely a new concept because such hiring has taken place previously on some occasions, mostly for seedier purposes. Of late, however, many people are resorting to hiring a hotel room by the hour mainly for attending a business meeting or for taking a nap while waiting for a connecting flight. Most hotels now feel that there is nothing dirty about such hiring and that it is need-based. This system benefits both the guests as well as the hotels as the guests can get to relax in a room for a few hours at a fraction of the usual room rent and the hotels are able to sell their empty rooms for whatever they can earn.

London has also adopted this system in which guests can book a room for 3, 6 or 12 hours and even pay for the number of hours of their stay. The hotels adopting this system are by no means the sleazy ones but most of them are in the 3 to 5 star category and by letting out their rooms on an hourly basis, they are able to earn for the hours in the day when the rooms remain empty.

Day hiring of hotel rooms is resorted to mainly by business travellers, long-haul drivers and seasoned travellers who need some place to rest before their next assignment. Many hotels in and around London are now adopting this new trend to sell their rooms for up to seven hours. Guests who hire the room on an hourly basis also get to avail of all other facilities that the hotel offers to its other guests.

There are many occasions during your travel when you may need a hotel room only for a few hours during the day. Before the introduction of the room by hour concept, you would have had to hire the room for a day and pay the full room rent even though you may be staying in the room for just a few hours. As per the latest trend, you can now book the room for periods ranging from 3 to 7 hours at any time of the day. There may be many reasons for such hiring that could include a romantic date or for using it as a second office for business purposes for a few hours. It can also be due to the need for taking rest in between connecting flights or for taking some rest before catching an early morning flight. The rooms offered by the hotels on an hourly basis are elegant and comfortable and are suitable for any purpose.

Suites in London are also offered by many hotels on an hourly basis, especially for families travelling together. Moreover, if you wish to go to a live performance in London at one of the theatres or at the night clubs, hiring a hotel room on an hourly basis is an ideal solution.

Hiring a private hotel room for a few hours turns out to be the perfect thing to do if you have a layover on a journey to your destination or if you wish to take a quick nap before proceeding to your next assignment or leg of journey. Moreover, if you have booked a hotel room for a night and if you are moving around for your business work most of the time, it will be a sheer wastage of money and as such if you hire a room at 8pm and check out by 8am, you will only pay for those 12 hours and save some money. A quick research into the hotel room rents shows that staying in a twin room for 12 hours may cost you about £132 whereas booking a room at the same hotel on a per day basis would cost £319. The hotel room hire on an hourly basis has been very successful in Spain as more than 150,000 rooms were booked in Spain in 2014 on this basis. Whether this system will be a success in London is anybody’s guess.

You can book a hotel room by the hour in quite a simple manner and without wasting any time. Moreover, you can do it without your credit card and it will make your life much lighter.  It is particularly useful on Valentine’s Day when your credit card might have maxed out due to the New Year spending. Although some people may look askance at couples using a hotel for a couple of hours, especially in London, the practice is in vogue in a big way in Japan and Brazil where dating and married couples hire rooms by the hour without any inhibitions and without being seen by others in a bad light. Other countries are also catching up on this practice. In London, the hotels that have already adopted this practice include the boutique Beaufort Hotel near Harrods in Knightsbridge and the stylish Town hall Hotel in the East End and some others as well.

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